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  1. Photo of Bruno Mattei

    Bruno Mattei Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claudio Fragasso

    Claudio Fragasso Director

  3. Photo of Italo Gasperini

    Italo Gasperini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roberto Di Girolamo

    Roberto Di Girolamo Screenplay

  6. Photo of José María Cunillés

    José María Cunillés Screenplay

  7. Photo of Vassili Karis

    Vassili Karis Cast

  8. Photo of Mapi Galán

    Mapi Galán Cast

  9. Photo of Charly Bravo

    Charly Bravo Cast

  10. Photo of Beni Cardoso

    Beni Cardoso Cast

  11. Photo of Alberto Farnese

    Alberto Farnese Cast

  12. Photo of Lola Forner

    Lola Forner Cast

  13. Photo of Julio Burgos

    Julio Burgos Cinematography

  14. Photo of Luigi Ciccarese

    Luigi Ciccarese Cinematography

  15. Photo of Luigi Ceccarelli

    Luigi Ceccarelli Music

  16. Photo of Vincenzo Vanni

    Vincenzo Vanni Editing