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  1. Flashy's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Visually and musically beautiful film with the theme of telling stories rather than the truth. Rather light and no-one should go into this thinking it authentic LGBT cinema, however one of my go-to for make-believe movieland romances (so rated accordingly for the type of movie it is).

  2. Simone Berlioz's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Such beautiful scenes, saying this by cinematography sides, with a beautiful song of Russian Red. However, the plot, the acting, the movie overall, it was boring, meaningless.

  3. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Sound tracknya melekat banget deh dikepala, somehow.

  4. Pancho Legaspi's rating of the film Room in Rome

    nothing good to say about this very troubled movie. the whole thing's a mess that only seems to fulfill its director childish lesbian fantasies. what a bore, a drag and a pain to watch. left me quite sad to know there's money given to these kind of projects still…

  5. Rachele Vanucci's rating of the film Room in Rome

    what is love and how much does it last? a moment? a night? maybe some years? is it a volatile feeling? this movie gives its own idea on the matter, gifting us with beautiful lights and shades, chunks of history of art, two splendid actressis and a really sweet soundtrack. a night encounter that changes your life and the way you perceive it.

  6. Erlösung's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Which city better than (a romanticized, silent, and from rich tourists' pov) Rome for a naive, shallow and unoriginal romance (to be about homosexuality is secondary)? Add also other elements of the bourgeois mythology of romantic love, a superficial appreciation of arts and history, a sumptuous location, and voilà, turn off your brain and enjoy a film that does not say anything poignant. And that arrow scene; *laugh

  7. Ezechiel Theler's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Artificial storyline to make being lesbian the center of the story. Cheap!

  8. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Room in Rome

    A sexy, and also surprisingly sweet, movie, Room In Rome ends up throwing too much in the mix by the time it gets to the third act. Personally, I think it would have worked better with a more stripped-down approach (no pun intended).

  9. richardm2311's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Medem makes an admirable attempt at bridging a study of attraction and identity into a cohesive, sexually-charged romance, but his efforts fall short. The acting oscillated between brilliant small moments of intimacy and urgency to abysmal monologues, awkward delivery, and lapses in writing. The editing and camera work is sensuous and evocative, but "Loving Strangers" is annoying as hell. Overall: very problematic.

  10. I.Camera's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Treacly and pretentious, Room in Rome tries to be an LGBT Before Sunrise, but fails miserably. The hotel set is gorgeous and the two beautiful leads, in no way intended for a lesbian audience (the pervy Max may be a stand-in for Medem), do their best, but the dialogue is tedious and any time the film tries to elevate itself above its indulgences the irritating 'Loving Strangers' song from Joselyn Pook intervenes.

  11. Karolina K-Williams's rating of the film Room in Rome

    This is, simultaneously, an objectively bad but undeniably delightful self-indulgence of a director with a reputation to match his ego. Questionable acting, overwhelmingly beautiful camera work. As is often the case with approaching the depths of humanity in an initially offhand, even farcical way, Medem finds himself—accidentally or otherwise—tapping into some real, heartbreaking beauty.

  12. Ella's rating of the film Room in Rome

  13. chloe's rating of the film Room in Rome

    The film had integrity but not much else. the characters didn't draw me in at all.

  14. David Goodall's rating of the film Room in Rome

    As gorgeously shot it is, it's not the acting that's bad, it's the terrible dubbing in some parts. Especially the room service guy's singing.

  15. Shane Ewen's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Some striking scenes interspersed by naff dialogue and a terribly cheesy waiter

  16. simon hughes's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Bland soft porn hiding under some hokey art house pretension

  17. Marina's rating of the film Room in Rome

    This film is so fucking problematic. It barely scratches on what it's like to be a lesbian or even to discover one's sexuality. This is a predatory, fetishist and claustrophobic gaze that belongs to the long history of associating same-sex desire with moral decadence and, ultimately - and as it happens in this film - self-anihilation. This is not an example of progress, it's part of the problem.

  18. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film Room in Rome

    The leads make it warm and tender, but the story development is artificial. The use of space makes it dynamic, but some uninspired editing makes it too operatic. The digital connection to the outside world is inventive, albeit contrived. The connection with art and the city is interesting, but never transcendent. Could have been better, maybe in a shorter, subtler version.

  19. piña's rating of the film Room in Rome

  20. Venus Rey Jr's rating of the film Room in Rome

    VISIÓN NAIVE DEL UNIVERSO LÉSBICO. Medem es un gran director: "Lucía y el sexo" y "Los amantes del círculo polar" lo prueban. "Habitación en Roma" es buen film, hecho con mínimos recursos: todo sucede en una habitación de hotel y no hay vestuario porque las protagonistas están siempre desnudas. Los últimos 30 minutos son excesivos (el camarero cantando "Libiamo" al llevar el desayuno: desastre). Empero, recomendable

  21. Viacheslav's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Pathetic and full of cliches.

  22. sebastiaen's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Beautiful love story. It reminds of the Before Sunrise trilogy.

  23. YMyr's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Despite everyone's saying, I still consider this movie is beautiful...

  24. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Room in Rome

    Les images sont bien léchées (si j'ose dire), et les actrices avec une certaine personnalité, mais tout ceci est vain et factice : pseudo intellectualisation inutile, mise en scène très appliquée et glamour, érotisme hypocrite qui ne montre rien en nous faisant croire que c'est osé... Les personnages sont finalement sans relief... c'est un comble ! Pas de quoi émoustiller un panda !

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