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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Cat Mai's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    What's better than some tech dystopian anime? Reminds me quite a bit of The Animatrix. It's truly like a carnival; your eyes entertained, mind humored, and then you go home thinking maybe I should go out more.

  2. Nina's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    Cannot recommend this enough, the scripts were lovely, the animation so neat, the backgrounds so detailed, the music so sharp & the cameos (easter eggs?) absolutely fantastic.

  3. John Matrix's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    It's like a more focused version of Heavy Metal, one where the crude male sexual fantasy stuff is replaced by old school damsel-in-distress tropes & where the animators clearly obsessed over detail & fluidity to a greater degree. Not as funny as its Western predecessor, but like HM the joy lies in the varied visual splendor & nonsensical quality of its stories. Don't expect nuanced musings on robo-human relations.

  4. ejonline's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    The Otomo pieces at the beginning and end are good, but beyond one or two other stories it feels really dated. The animation styles come across as cheesy and the storylines are a bit silly. I understand that it was more of a platform for artists than an attempt at a unified statement about robots, and I can appreciate that. However, at time I had to stop myself from fast-forwarding. For students of anime history?

  5. The Kid's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    Cloud and Presence alone are worth it, but do enjoy the rest of the ride. Nostalgic for a time when anime was beautiful, detailed hand painted backgrounds and character designs... When Joe Hisaishi's windy, ethereal synths swept across the landscapes of children's dreams and the darkest adult nightmares.

  6. Ale/M's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    opening, Katsuhiro Otomo - 3 Franken's gear, Koji Morimoto - 2.5 Deprive, Hidetoshi Omori - 2.5 Presence, Yasuomi Umetsu - 5 Starlight Angel, Hiroyuki Kitazume - 3 Cloud, Mao Lamdao - 3.5 A tale of two robots, Hiroyuki Kitakubo - 3 Red chicken head guy, Takashi Nakamura - 2 ending - Katsuhiro Otomo - 3

  7. tommy cruise's rating of the film Robot Carnival

  8. weinbrandbabsi's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    Tl;dr: 3,5 Several episodes indulging in robots, some good, some not so much. 5/10 (patriarchyscale) I really liked the breath of cyberpunk that permates these stories, be they robolovestories, abstract tales or hip-hop-fueled distopias - transhumanism, really techy surroundings, the whole bunch. That being said, some of them were just so hardcore cheesy or male fantasies, that they kind of tired me out.

  9. MGeo's rating of the film Robot Carnival

    Was the place where many important directors of anime got their start. My favorite segment is the one done by Yasuomi Umetsu: Presence.