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  1. Photo of Panos Karkanevatos

    Panos Karkanevatos Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Isidoros Zourgos

    Isidoros Zourgos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andreas Konstantinou

    Andreas Konstantinou Cast

  4. Photo of Elena Mavridou

    Elena Mavridou Cast

  5. Photo of Levent Üzümcü

    Levent Üzümcü Cast

  6. Photo of Dimitris Katsaitis

    Dimitris Katsaitis Cinematography

  7. Photo of Nils Kacirek

    Nils Kacirek Music

  8. Photo of Anthi Karafylli

    Anthi Karafylli Production Design

  9. Photo of Peter Bardehle

    Peter Bardehle Producer

  10. Photo of Mahmut Özden

    Mahmut Özden Producer

  11. Photo of Kenan Akkawi

    Kenan Akkawi Editing

  12. Photo of Thomas Knop

    Thomas Knop Sound

  13. Photo of Ralph Thiekötter

    Ralph Thiekötter Sound

  14. Photo of Vangelis Zelkas

    Vangelis Zelkas Sound