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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Sophie Maxwell's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Startlingly original and both funny and decisive in tone, this art historical documentary races through its narrative with fascinating insights and provocative conclusions.

  2. alvin leong's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    a severe and condemnatory art-historical investigation from this mischiefmaker of a documentarist . Highly pointed, and good fun too

  3. Ian Pike's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Intriguing analysis of Rembrandt's painting. Coherent explanations of the various imagery, but hard to discern historical fact from Greenaway's speculation, particularly the dramtised sections. As always with Greenaway, original and a feast for the eyes (and a touch pretentious!). Much food for thought if not entirely convincing, although the firing musket obviously asks the question: Why?

  4. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    An illuminating deep-dive into a masterpiece from a true genius. The format's intriguing and presents a well-constructed thesis. However, many of the scenes feel a bit hammy, even unnecessary embellishments. I find it reminding more of the TV art history documentaries I watched in school than I'd like. Except for a brilliant light show technique employed on the painting, this film feels a tad dry and lacking flair.

  5. Richard's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Quite dense and exhausting, occasionally jumps over less convenient facts and is a relentless stream of visual and verbal information - but enjoyable. It reminds me of a time when television documentary makers and art critics were braver and expected more from the audience, not just a sympathetic commentary spliced between constant advertising breaks.

  6. Galou's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Le sujet est très intéressant, la réalisation et le montage moins. On se perd un peu dans l'histoire qui devient vite très explicative. La partie fiction / personnage aurait pu être mieux exploitée.

  7. CaÏn Kââ's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Impressionnant. Par son érudition en multiples domaines, ses choix formels – tenir 1h30 sur un seul tableau sans sortir de la forme tableau –, son art du regard et de l'analyse de l'image, et au final par les tragédie qui s'y jouent – celle dénoncée par le tableau, celle des conséquences du tableau pour Rembrandt, celle des éternels perdants face au capitalisme. Magnifique hommage à un peintre précurseur du cinéma.

  8. fada19's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

  9. Superfrog's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Good work making Night watch, both the film and the painting much more interesting. The tone is grating and some of the claims unsubstantiated. But still a very good watch.

  10. Didonne's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Quand le cinéma s'occupe de peinture, la peinture fait du cinéma. Une fiction savoureuse où l'oeuvre est regardée de si près qu'on y voit beaucoup plus qu'elle ne montre. En accusation : la chute du grand maître anti-conformiste. Greenaway regarde l'oeuvre comme il regarderait le ciel et les nuages : il y voit des batailles et des dragons. Et il y trouve dans la lumière les origines mêmes du cinéma.

  11. Ludovic72's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Les obsessions de Peter Greenaway ne varient pas au fil des décennies : architecture et peinture, listes et nombres, complots tordus et meurtres, sexe et humour noir, superpositions et bidouillages d'images sont à nouveau au rendez-vous. Avec lui, on ne sait jamais exactement où s'arrête l'analyse érudite et où commence la moquerie intello, ce qui rend le film très amusant si l'on aime son style visuel particulier.

  12. Lexi Bass's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

  13. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    There is so much content in 'Nightwatching' that this companion documentary helps to make sense out of it. This painting is Greenaway's ultimate Rorschach blot. It really gives you an appreciation for the complexity of the work, whether you believe some of his theories or not. I see a little of that same cockiness in Greenaway. One could easily see how people could fall under his thrall.

  14. El Biffo's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    I suggest that this be watched after seeing Greenaway's THE FALLS. The numbered accounts, with all the esoteric details. And this detailed analysis of every minutiae in the picture somehow also brought to mind the analysis that was made of the cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road, the symbolism of every detail somehow bearing great importance. Believable, yet absurd. Missing fingernails? No one in the portrait has any!

  15. f. atom's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Greenaway makes a convincing case that the painting's commissioners, unhappy with its accusation, conspired to marginalize Rembrandt, defusing the painting's impact. But what does this have to do with specifically visual, as opposed to historical, illiteracy?

  16. ihor's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    An extensive practically academic investigation of Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" delivers an interesting visual style at times as a series of "mysteries" are unfolded through recreations that take the look of Dutch Golden age painting. Yet Greenway's narration drags on and the supposed excitement the painting holding is not always elevated by Greenway's explanations.

  17. Yulia's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    We really are visually illiterate.

  18. Les films du miroir magique's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    For a convergent, but not as radical, interpretation, see Berger's "Manhood, marriage & mischief. Rembrant's Night Watch and other group portraits".

  19. greg x's rating of the film Rembrandt's J'accuse

    Wherein Peter Greenaway, through extensive and painstaking visual analysis, proves that Rembrandt confessed to helping fake the moon landing.