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  1. Sam DiSalle's rating of the film Rear Window

    jimmy stewart's isolated world of constant exterior surveillance cannily parallels our current moment in perturbing ways. never one to resist an opportunity to self-analyze, here hitch examines his love of creating worlds to peer into like a dollhouse (or is it dreamhouse? and that's to say nothing of what he did to his endlessly-breaking barbies!) but we love it too, and he knows we do. one of his greatest

  2. BLUE MADNESS's rating of the film Rear Window

    It was when i saw REAR WINDOW for the first time that I have fallen in love with the movies, the love between STEWART & KELLY still warms my heart every time I see this movie, HITCHCOCK here achieved something that films rarely achieve he creates a world, time and place, the town here feel so real and so good I think it’s might be shocking to know that REAR WINDOW was completely shot in studio.☟rest in the comments

  3. rk.varri's rating of the film Rear Window

  4. lbunuel's rating of the film Rear Window

    I am less interested in the meta-commentary and much more in the lustful arrangement of colours; the twisted engendering of character and plot. Some people think of Hitchcock as a paramount of filmic rationality. I wonder - who could ever film things so passionately?

  5. Alexander Chepelev's rating of the film Rear Window

    From one hand it's a very beautiful movie, from another hand it's a very outdated main plot.

  6. mbanus's rating of the film Rear Window

    La beneïda virtut de mirar més enllà de casa.

  7. Esra Demirel's rating of the film Rear Window

    Sinemada mekan dekordan ve arkaplan görüntüsünden çok daha fazlasıdır. Hayat mekan üzerinden kurgulanır ve olayları mekanlardan bağımsız düşünmek imkansızdır. Alfred Hitchcock bunu çok iyi anlayan inanılmaz bir yönetmen.

  8. tamarabazarova's rating of the film Rear Window

    My very first Hitchock. I will add my voice to the ancient chorus in awe of this masterpiece. On the politics of gaze, city life, individuality, romance, mystery, taboo. All-round brilliant. I did not independently realize but later discovered that we never once leave the onlooker's living room. In Nabokov's classic ways, we are complicit.

  9. Ivanda Wahyu's rating of the film Rear Window

    The audience is made in the perspective of the main character (Jeff). The audience could not see clearly what was happening on the other side and was also intrigued, as was Jeff. A smart move, because the audience becomes tense due to the taking of this perspective. this indicates that Hitchcock is an expert in suspense films, +1 star for The Goddess Grace Kelly

  10. büşra yavuz's rating of the film Rear Window

    hitchcockun çok sevdiğim filmlerinden biri. başrol penceresinden farklı hayatları izlerken biz de onun gibi farklı filmleri izliyoruz aslında. iyi bir hollywood eleştirisi. aferin alfredcim şaşırtmıyorsun hiç.

  11. Marco B.'s rating of the film Rear Window

  12. kzka's rating of the film Rear Window

    Proof that I have a missing psycho-thriller gene and that I'll never truly get Hitchcock. But I want to. I really do. This technical marvel feeds off the ambiguity of perception but the result is monotony. Stiff and over-starched, drifting to a shabby climax before fizzling. Oy vey it's just me.

  13. The Sharlotte's rating of the film Rear Window

  14. maria's rating of the film Rear Window

    "She's not in love with him, or any of them."

  15. benwilson114's rating of the film Rear Window

    Hitchcock's Rear Window fully displays his talent in the art of creating suspense. The story grabs us right from the start by tapping into the strange intrigue of spying on your neighbors and, dose not let us go until we come to the discovery that our suspicious were correct.

  16. Noval Fahmy's rating of the film Rear Window

  17. thclover5's rating of the film Rear Window

    James Stewart was definitely compensating for something with that massive long lens.

  18. ben's rating of the film Rear Window

    ★★★★★ A truly amazing film, I don't think there are too many other films like it, and even if they are, I doubt that they are anywhere near as good. Pshyco might be more famous/infamous, but I think that this film is a better film that works even better in a number of ways.

  19. freschi.sabina's rating of the film Rear Window

    Bellissimo thriller quasi totalmente filmato dalla finestra di un pover'uomo costretto in casa a causa di una gamba rotta. Intrigante e coinvolgente.

  20. mis marg's rating of the film Rear Window

    Can finally watch Hitchcock, and enjoy v much the period drama and outlook of folk, nicely done. Americans minding their own business even at the pre internet stage.

  21. Daniel Thomas Freeman's rating of the film Rear Window

    Utter genius from beginning to end and full of beautiful touches with all of the mini stories in the other apartments.

  22. Yama Rauff's rating of the film Rear Window

  23. Weverton Aguiar da Silva's rating of the film Rear Window

    Elegante. Belo trabalho visual e de direção. A câmera desliza com muita leveza e tranquilidade. O roteiro é spectacular: no final das contas é isso que importa. 
Tem que comentar também a música nesse filme. Sons diegéticos que geram ainda mais imersão e que são muito bem utilizados como um ótimo recurso narrativo. O som serve como uma clara forma de manipulação aqui. Isso realmente é impressionante e delicado.

  24. tinderness's rating of the film Rear Window

    Der Vorläufer von Blow Up (1966) und Benny's Video (1992): weniger Suspense als drohender Realitätsverlust. Leider etwas zu glamourös inszeniert durch die perfekt gestylte Grace Kelly und dien schoddrigen James Stewart. Psycho zu wiederholen erscheint rein unmglich zu sein, selbst für Meister Alfred.

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