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  1. Photo of Ryan Murphy

    Ryan Murphy Director, Executive Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael Uppendahl

    Michael Uppendahl Director

  3. Photo of Jessica Yu

    Jessica Yu Director

  4. Photo of Jennifer Lynch

    Jennifer Lynch Director

  5. Photo of Daniel Minahan

    Daniel Minahan Director

  6. Photo of Evan Romansky

    Evan Romansky Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ian Brennan

    Ian Brennan Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jennifer Salt

    Jennifer Salt Screenplay

  9. Photo of Sarah Paulson

    Sarah Paulson Cast and Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Finn Wittrock

    Finn Wittrock Cast

  11. Photo of Cynthia Nixon

    Cynthia Nixon Cast

  12. Photo of Jon Jon Briones

    Jon Jon Briones Cast

  13. Photo of Charlie Carver

    Charlie Carver Cast

  14. Photo of Judy Davis

    Judy Davis Cast

  15. Photo of Sharon Stone

    Sharon Stone Cast

  16. Photo of Corey Stoll

    Corey Stoll Cast

  17. Photo of Vincent D'Onofrio

    Vincent D'Onofrio Cast

  18. Photo of Alice Englert

    Alice Englert Cast

  19. Photo of Sophie Okonedo

    Sophie Okonedo Cast

  20. Photo of Annie Starke

    Annie Starke Cast

  21. Photo of Brandon Flynn

    Brandon Flynn Cast

  22. Photo of Harriet Sansom Harris

    Harriet Sansom Harris Cast

  23. Photo of Michael Benjamin Washington

    Michael Benjamin Washington Cast

  24. Photo of Hunter Parrish

    Hunter Parrish Cast

  25. Photo of Rosanna Arquette

    Rosanna Arquette Cast

  26. Photo of Amanda Plummer

    Amanda Plummer Cast

  27. Photo of Simon Dennis

    Simon Dennis Cinematography

  28. Photo of Nelson Cragg

    Nelson Cragg Cinematography and Director

  29. Photo of Blake McClure

    Blake McClure Cinematography

  30. Photo of Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell Cinematography

  31. Photo of Mac Quayle

    Mac Quayle Music

  32. Photo of Shelly Westerman

    Shelly Westerman Editing

  33. Photo of Peggy Tachdijan

    Peggy Tachdijan Editing

  34. Photo of Ken Ramos

    Ken Ramos Editing

  35. Photo of Danielle Wang

    Danielle Wang Editing