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  1. Photo of Maria Bäck

    Maria Bäck Director, Cast, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elisabeth Bäck

    Elisabeth Bäck Cast

  3. Photo of Josefine Stofkoper

    Josefine Stofkoper Cast

  4. Photo of Sanaz Saidi

    Sanaz Saidi Cast

  5. Photo of Josefin Neldén

    Josefin Neldén Cast

  6. Photo of Nadim Carlsen

    Nadim Carlsen Cinematography

  7. Photo of Lars Greve

    Lars Greve Music

  8. Photo of Clara Isaksson-Vogel

    Clara Isaksson-Vogel Production Design

  9. Photo of Maja-Stina Åsberg

    Maja-Stina Åsberg Production Design

  10. Photo of Anna-Maria Kantarius

    Anna-Maria Kantarius Producer

  11. Photo of Rebecka Lafrenz

    Rebecka Lafrenz Producer

  12. Photo of Mimmi Spång

    Mimmi Spång Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Julius Krebs Damsbo

    Julius Krebs Damsbo Editing