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Ratings & Reviews

  1. SpacePirate's rating of the film Pride and Prejudice

    A classic. Garson, Boland, and Gwenn in particular shine in this adaptation. Apparently was meant to be in color, but Selznick blew through all the Technicolor reels in existence for the overblown and overrated Gone With the Wind. Olivier gives one of the more understated performances of his career, not hamming it up like usual. A must see adaptation

  2. RoasterCoaster's rating of the film Pride and Prejudice

    You really can't go too wrong with Greer Garson. She commanded every scene in which she appeared. There were moments of overacting but for the most part, the film moved along. "Bouyant" is a word that comes to mind. We need more of that today.

  3. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Pride and Prejudice

    Edmund Gwenn and Mary Boland are the best Mr. and Mrs. Bennet in all the versions of "Pride and Prejudice" I have seen, which includes the great BBC one with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth who are the best Lizzie and Darcy. Boland's final scene surveying her two remaining unmarried daughters "tottering on the brink" is beyond praise.

  4. materialische philosophie's rating of the film Pride and Prejudice

  5. BUSHRA's rating of the film Pride and Prejudice

    beautiful adaption. i felt the spirit of the novel and the characters within the breath of this film. i especially love the portrayals of mr. and mrs.bennet and of course, elizabeth and darcy. i thought in particular, greer garson knew exactly how to balance out elizabeth and not to attach any frivolous flourishes onto her character and i found laurence olivier portrayal of darcy as the most humbled i've seen.