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  1. Photo of Thomas J. Wiener

    Thomas J. Wiener Screenplay

  2. Photo of Burgess Meredith

    Burgess Meredith Narrator

  3. Photo of Otto Preminger

    Otto Preminger Self

  4. Photo of Saul Bass

    Saul Bass Self

  5. Photo of Peter Bogdanovich

    Peter Bogdanovich Self

  6. Photo of Michael Caine

    Michael Caine Self

  7. Photo of Ossie Davis

    Ossie Davis Self

  8. Photo of José Ferrer

    José Ferrer Self

  9. Photo of Jack Haley Jr.

    Jack Haley Jr. Self

  10. Photo of Ken Howard

    Ken Howard Self

  11. Photo of Marjorie Kellogg

    Marjorie Kellogg Self

  12. Photo of Deborah Kerr

    Deborah Kerr Self

  13. Photo of Carol Lynley

    Carol Lynley Self

  14. Photo of Joseph L. Mankiewicz

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz Self

  15. Photo of Johanna Matz

    Johanna Matz Self

  16. Photo of Wendell Mayes

    Wendell Mayes Self

  17. Photo of Josef Meinrad

    Josef Meinrad Self

  18. Photo of Don Murray

    Don Murray Self

  19. Photo of Patricia Neal

    Patricia Neal Self

  20. Photo of Vincent Price

    Vincent Price Self

  21. Photo of George C. Scott

    George C. Scott Self

  22. Photo of Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra Self

  23. Photo of James Stewart

    James Stewart Self

  24. Photo of Tom Tryon

    Tom Tryon Self

  25. Photo of Paul Lucky Goldberg

    Paul Lucky Goldberg Cinematography

  26. Photo of Valerie A. Robins

    Valerie A. Robins Producer and Director