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  1. bettycelorrio's rating of the film Policeman

    Extremismos terroristas con distinto tono ideológico.

  2. Martín Gil Navarro's rating of the film Policeman

    Mitad de película con los (el) policía + mitad de película con los (la) rebeldes+ cruce al final. Linda fórmula

  3. Gustavo Teselman's rating of the film Policeman

    Mala, malos actores. Mala historia. No me gusta.

  4. Yishayahu's rating of the film Policeman

    An unapologetically political film, with popular jocks as elite government military man, beta males as hapless revolutionaries, and the rich as contemptuous stooges. These caricatures curiously reflect both the Left and the Right's views of each other in Israel. The film takes place in isolation to everything except each group of character's world view, and has a nightmarish inevitability to the plot.

  5. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Policeman

    Here's something I haven't seen in quite a while: a directorial debut feature-length that feels dangerous, to itself and to its own country - no wonder the Israel government hates him! But it's also a movie that looks at its characters on both ends of the spectrum with honesty and equal footing, and not whatever pretentious wish-fulfillment and cynicism that gets passed as political cinema these days.

  6. Sin título.'s rating of the film Policeman

  7. A Body Without Organs's rating of the film Policeman

  8. petit astronaute's rating of the film Policeman

    dcp. Meninos bonitos. Bala na testa

  9. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Policeman

    Policeman articulates questions rather than answer them; though made in 2011, it talks spookily to 2018 in ways that have gotten more visible with time.

  10. Diderot's rating of the film Policeman

    A strangely sexy movie about police and leftist terrorists in modern Israel. It moves and confuses in bizarre ways.

  11. Jason Kim's rating of the film Policeman

    Was I supposed to hate every character in this film? I didn't care for any of them, and if I had to hear the "its time for the poor to get rich" speech one more time, I would've thrown my computer out the window.

  12. Marco Della Motta's rating of the film Policeman

    A powerful and gripping film. Two divides separated by a chasm of hate, ignorance, and incomprehension.

  13. David R Williams's rating of the film Policeman

    Not particularly impressed. Fine performances all around but there's a coldness of direction that fails to take us beneath the surface. The motives of the "terrorists" are murky to say the least. Other than the Yiftach Klein character the rest are either placeholders or so lightly sketched as to barely exist.

  14. mpho3's rating of the film Policeman

    While Lapid's film has some strengths, I'm puzzled by the story's structure. Are we meant to compare and contrast these equally extreme groups of Israelis, or the Yaron-Amir and Shira-Oded duads? I just think the story could have been told differently. 3.5 stars

  15. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Policeman

    Sssslllloooowwww!!!! There might be a good ten-minute movie in here, but after a half hour, I had only seen two minutes of it. I cut my losses at that point.

  16. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Policeman

    Life and death are at th heart of Lapid's film, and he creates a mise en scene of passion and heartbreak in a country where danger is always a shadowy presence. Life for the policeman's pregnant wife contrasts with the death meted out on the job. The young terrorists share passion for a good cause but want to murder the rich. The facial closeups explain a lot about Israeli life in this bold, gut-punching film.

  17. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Policeman

    The contrast between the warmth brotherhood of the police vs the cold tension of the Baader-Meinhof wannabes was quite interesting. There were some excellent performances, but the sound was so horrible it was hard to tell.

  18. JE Garcia's rating of the film Policeman

    Not bad at all. Very different. It worked because it was showing actual human interaction and not loud, explosive, senseless violence; something that you'd think would be in a film like this. So in that way, the way it was pulled off was genius.

  19. Dogville59's rating of the film Policeman

    Reminds me of the Bader-Meinhof movie. This one raises some good points about the unethical behaviour of some of the super rich and how the state enables their exploitation of people.

  20. msmichel's rating of the film Policeman

    A strange mix that never quite excels in this dual tale concerning an elite cop squad and an unlikely Israeli terrorist group of privileged kids. The first half is the interesting one with a near homo-erotic edge in the comradeship of the officers as they band together facing charges from a previous mission. The second drags the film down with an unfocused amateurish script. By the end any interest is long gone.

  21. Jason's rating of the film Policeman

    Staggeringly well-made film. The collaboration here between Lapid and DP Goldman reminds me of that between the greatest working team in contemporary cinema, Claire Denis and Agnès Godard, and NOBODY EVER reminds me of them - what they do is superlative. In fact, the early attention to the homosocial domain of male police officers explicitly invokes Beau Travail. And things get WAY more profound than I was expecting

  22. zi's rating of the film Policeman

    In some respects this is not a sophisticated film. Some of the writing, and performances, are too obvious, and can lack nuance altogether. I almost didn't get through it. However, it finds redemption through the sheer power of the subject matter and its portrayal. Worth watching.

  23. El Biffo's rating of the film Policeman

  24. saitosouta's rating of the film Policeman

    "Zero Motivation" "Gett" "Youth" "Why hast thou forsaken me?"....I love young israeli filmmakers, love their unique and scathing skill to criticize own country. So finally, I watched Nadav Lapid film and very shocked. Horrifyingly matter-of-fact, deeply critical movie about crash between love-my-countrys and hate-my-countrys. SO SUPERB.

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