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Directed by Nadav Lapid
Israel, France, 2011
  • Hebrew
  • English


Yaron is one of an elite group of police officers working in an anti-terrorist unit in the Israeli police force. He and his fellow officers are the ultimate defence against the “Arab enemy.” However, an encounter with a radical, violent group turns his life upside down.

Our take

The job of policing Israel is not only a matter of ensuring law and order. Delving into the complexities of the Israeli police, this stunning and politically volatile film marked Nadav Lapid (The Kindergarten Teacher) as an exciting new directorial talent.

Policeman Directed by Nadav Lapid

Awards & Festivals

Locarno International Film Festival

2011 | Winner: Special Jury Prize (International Competition)

Village Voice Film Poll

2011 | Winner: Best Undistributed Film

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2011 | Nominee: Best Undistributed Film

It is a stunningly achieved work that explores the condition of dogmatic factionalism both through body (the macho posturings of the Israeli police unit) and mind (the poetry slam-style declamations of the radicals). Lapid’s newest work The Kindergarten Teacher premiered at Cannes this year, so he isn’t leaving anytime soon; it’s high time the world catches up with him.
November 30, 2014
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In “Policeman,” Mr. Lapid, making an electrifying feature directing debut, traces the line between the group and the individual in a story that can be read as a commentary on the world as much as on Israel. With a steady camera and cool approach, he devotes the movie’s first part to peeling away Yaron’s life, one layer at a time.
June 12, 2014
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To say that the ensuing drama moves at a snail’s pace runs the risk of offending any slugs who might be reading, but the incremental changes Yaron and his cohorts undergo are something of a slow-burning marvel to behold. Lapid is so unconcerned with crafting a conventional crime drama that merely titling his film Policeman reads as a minor subversion, a way of defining the narrative in relation to a genre it hardly fits into.
June 11, 2014
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