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  1. Photo of Philipp Kadelbach

    Philipp Kadelbach Director

  2. Photo of Eva Kranenburg

    Eva Kranenburg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Patrick Süskind

    Patrick Süskind Novel

  4. Photo of Friederike Becht

    Friederike Becht Cast

  5. Photo of Juergen Maurer

    Juergen Maurer Cast

  6. Photo of August Diehl

    August Diehl Cast

  7. Photo of Natalia Belitski

    Natalia Belitski Cast

  8. Photo of Marc Hosemann

    Marc Hosemann Cast

  9. Photo of Wotan Wilke Möhring

    Wotan Wilke Möhring Cast

  10. Photo of Ken Duken

    Ken Duken Cast

  11. Photo of Christian Friedel

    Christian Friedel Cast

  12. Photo of Oskar Belton

    Oskar Belton Cast

  13. Photo of Leon Lukas Blaschke

    Leon Lukas Blaschke Cast

  14. Photo of Trystan Pütter

    Trystan Pütter Cast

  15. Photo of Susanne Wuest

    Susanne Wuest Cast

  16. Photo of Valerie Stoll

    Valerie Stoll Cast

  17. Photo of Franziska Brandmeier

    Franziska Brandmeier Cast

  18. Photo of Jakub Bejnarowicz

    Jakub Bejnarowicz Cinematography

  19. Photo of Oliver Berben

    Oliver Berben Producer