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  1. Ben's rating of the film Our Time

    First hour was very promising then the, story fell apart. Three hours?

  2. RHPC's rating of the film Our Time

    3.5 stars can't quite do 4. Love triangle starts in the 1st 5 minutes - can they really stretch it out to nearly 3 hours? Well, they can, via scenic padding and constant reversals in the characters' feelings. Several squirm-inducing scenes, as the couple has an open marriage and hubby seems not only to want his wife to sleep around, but also watch. Except for the kids, none of the characters are very sympathetic.

  3. Pok's rating of the film Our Time

    Por un lado, una obra de arte genera una respuesta en el espectador, incluso una desagradable, dejando mucho que decir. Y en ese aspecto, esta película cubre la definición. Pero por el otro lado, es una obra auto-indulgente, pretenciosa, mal actuada, mal lograda, inconsistente, excesiva y aburrida, que pretende decir mucho pero se queda en nada. Más pensamientos en

  4. Kathleen's rating of the film Our Time

    Needs a good edit - way too long. Clunky narrative devices with the voiceover, emails and written notes.

  5. Nicole's rating of the film Our Time

    gave it another chance. nope. it reminds me of that jackie brown scene where ordell goes "your ass used to be beautiful" i still love Reygadas but the best thing about this is the cinematography. Everything else, nah. Performances get wooden and with a subject as nauseating as the one Reygadas tries to tackle with his wife acting opposite of him-i couldn't get past that. some say it's brave, i considered it cringe.

  6. Matt Lockwood's rating of the film Our Time

    My first of hopefully many strolls in the therapeutic world of Carlos Reygadas. This is monumental realism done right.

  7. josé neves's rating of the film Our Time

    DCP. Without the aesthetic exhibitionism of previous films (without it, what is this filmmaker?), but with the same punitive tendency, associated here to a self-miserability (including that of being a quite limited actor), Reygadas films a jealousy story with uninteresting sequences, especially the initials, with the young people and the finals, with the bulls, an obvious metaphorization. Chauvinist exploitation.

  8. ig_____or's rating of the film Our Time

    Ticking at 3 hours, it's a rich, self-indulgent, visually wondrous film that combines the day-to-day life at a Mexican ranch with the disintegration of an open marriage... sometimes your ask yourself which part is more violent. Not sure what to make of Reygadas and his wife Natalia taking on the leading roles, but they seemed very at ease with it. Fragments of the film still resonate with me long after watching it.

  9. MADAMEDE's rating of the film Our Time

  10. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Our Time

  11. oooooo's rating of the film Our Time

    Abriste a porta, agora entras

  12. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Our Time

    Scenes from a marriage: a tale of marital strife dazzlingly, obliquely reframed as a pressure cooker hemmed in by wide open spaces, a paradise about to be lost through quasi-animal, self-sabotaging demiurgy.

  13. missyb's rating of the film Our Time

    Amazing film making. It's a total experience being inside the lives of these people, every moving part (even the mechanisms of a pick up truck engine - strangely poetic) I must say be aware of a violent animal to animal scene about 30 minutes in - (I had to look away)

  14. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Our Time

    Animal cruelty. MUBI, is it really that hard to ask the question, or do you just not care? Took me two seconds to Google that there was some in the film, so I didn't really need to see it in the first place. Or just put a warning, so those who don't like it don't have to see it.

  15. Floriana's rating of the film Our Time

  16. Nunox's rating of the film Our Time

  17. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Our Time

    A film for a cineaste. My initial take on the film:

  18. Helob's rating of the film Our Time

  19. kristianskylstad's rating of the film Our Time

    The first part, where the kids are playing in the muddy lake, promises a magnum opus, but instead the movie disappears into a narcissistic role playing game with no credibility. I really wanted to love this movie, but Reygadas is no Bergman and no Malick. I guess he tries to reach out to a bigger audience but in the end only reaches out to himself. Post Tenebras Lux told the same story much deeper. Move on Carlos.

  20. kinotopia's rating of the film Our Time

    by far my favorite film by Reygadas. visually beautiful with sweeping character development and an engaging storyline. damning critique of the bourgeoisie and the pressure that exists between human relationships. the closest Reygadas has gotten to Cassavetes.

  21. Sophie Kurpershoek's rating of the film Our Time

    narcissism at it worst, self indulgence at its best reygadas mansplaining his wife's feeling back to her like she has no agency shots of trees and bulls interweaved with an empty story as a weak attempt to reach some sort of pseudo-existentialism

  22. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Our Time

    Film molto ben girato, ma lontano anni luce dal mio modo di vedere le relazioni. Personaggi odiosi.

  23. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Our Time

    Did the mule really have to die for the sake of Reygadas' pretentious cinema? Who knows? Anyhow it's one of those movies where you wish the ending titles last for 10 minutes to reduce the burden of watching them.

  24. Absentia's rating of the film Our Time

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