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  1. Photo of Hal Roach

    Hal Roach Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Hal Roach Jr.

    Hal Roach Jr. Director

  3. Photo of Mickell Novack

    Mickell Novack Screenplay

  4. Photo of George Baker

    George Baker Screenplay

  5. Photo of Joseph Frickert

    Joseph Frickert Screenplay

  6. Photo of Grover Jones

    Grover Jones Screenplay

  7. Photo of Victor Mature

    Victor Mature Cast

  8. Photo of Carole Landis

    Carole Landis Cast

  9. Photo of Lon Chaney Jr.

    Lon Chaney Jr. Cast

  10. Photo of Conrad Nagel

    Conrad Nagel Cast

  11. Photo of John Hubbard

    John Hubbard Cast

  12. Photo of Nigel De Brulier

    Nigel De Brulier Cast

  13. Photo of Mamo Clark

    Mamo Clark Cast

  14. Photo of Inez Palange

    Inez Palange Cast

  15. Photo of Edgar Edwards

    Edgar Edwards Cast

  16. Photo of Jacqueline Dalya

    Jacqueline Dalya Cast

  17. Photo of Mary Gale Fisher

    Mary Gale Fisher Cast

  18. Photo of Norman Budd

    Norman Budd Cast

  19. Photo of Harry Wilson

    Harry Wilson Cast

  20. Photo of John Northpole

    John Northpole Cast

  21. Photo of Lorraine Rivero

    Lorraine Rivero Cast

  22. Photo of Harold Howard

    Harold Howard Cast

  23. Photo of Ricca Allen

    Ricca Allen Cast

  24. Photo of Adda Gleason

    Adda Gleason Cast

  25. Photo of Edward Coxen

    Edward Coxen Cast

  26. Photo of Ben Hall

    Ben Hall Cast

  27. Photo of Norbert Brodine

    Norbert Brodine Cinematography

  28. Photo of Werner R. Heymann

    Werner R. Heymann Music

  29. Photo of D.W. Griffith

    D.W. Griffith Producer

  30. Photo of Ray Snyder

    Ray Snyder Editing

  31. Photo of Charles D. Hall

    Charles D. Hall Art Department