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  1. I.Camera's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    This dialogue-heavy film doesn't convince. That an essay on digitisation is filmed in 16mm tips you off as to which side Assayas belongs, and its points about mid-life crisis and the culture industry are too obvious and clumsily executed. Amid a surfeit of affairs, only Leonard & Valerie's marriage rings true, and it's appropriate that the film's resolution lies with them rather than its other plodding intellectuals.

  2. Nicolai's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Ugh. Only finished it for that meta joke everyone’s talking about

  3. Linn's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Mubi's description of this being like a dinner party is spot-on. A dinner party wo which you have invited your most intellectual and difficult friends, 90% of which have or have had an affair with each other. Sounds like fun? Maybe, but it's also a bit exhausting and eventually you will ask yourself whether it was worth all the trouble.

  4. Oluseyi's rating of the film Non-Fiction

  5. eberhard's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Fast schon eine Dokumentation darüber, wie sich elitäre Strukturen im Literaturbetrieb auflösen.

  6. Michael Nisi's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Hilarious dialogue – Binoche and Macaigne are fantastic together.

  7. math.97's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Heureusement qu'il y'a Macaigne...

  8. Iulian's rating of the film Non-Fiction

  9. Andy King's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Not a single likeable or relatable character, which made it difficult to care about the plot.

  10. Echydo's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Faussement intello. Ce film n'existe qu'à travers son script, mais celui-ci est lourd et bourré de répliques superfétatoires. N'est pas Rohmer qui veut...

  11. Jagoda's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    I'm sure that I would love it few years ago but I'm no longer interested in rich people arguing about cultural changes, while sipping wine in their luxurious houses and having affairs with each other.

  12. lesminho's rating of the film Non-Fiction

  13. żaneta36's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Great! But you have to see it in cinema to laugh along at all the quirkinessess. The dialogues and the acting is superb

  14. smndvdcl's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Quintessentially French, reminiscent of ‘Things To Come’. Bourgeois liberals waxing lyrical about Socialism, cultural shifts in publishing industry marketing, bed hopping mid-life crises, the ethics behind thinly veiled autobiographies within fictions and philosophical dialectics all feature. It works. Assayas just allows characters to exist without need for closure in the era of Macron. 3.5

  15. Dan's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    It's 106 minutes of people having interesting conversations at parties, in bedrooms, offices, restaurants.... and it's great. But if 106 minutes of solid conversation in French about media, books, publishing and art might at all sound like a chore, it would be best to avoid this one. Despite how much I enjoyed the film, it feels like "slight" Assayas.

  16. jjk's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    pretentious midcult nonsense but i have a soft spot for films about rich arsehole pseudo intellectuals being the worst (it also looks beautiful) also features an UNFORGIVABLE sequence where they talk about 'the actress juliette binoche' whilst she's in the scene

  17. Homayoun Hajikhani's rating of the film Non-Fiction

  18. Loud Rocks's rating of the film Non-Fiction

  19. seakat's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    It reminded me of old debates about digital and physical books. Do French people think they are always one step ahead in love?

  20. Andrea's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Didn't had much expectations about this one, but actually really enjoyed it. The dialogues are engaging, and the meta Juliette Binoche wink towards the end is just great.

  21. Nicole's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    I'm all about choosing change rather than suffering from it, I'm with the young woman on that. But I'm young and even I'm scared of massive changes in the literary world even if the biggest ones have already occurred. Canet and Binoche are both aces in this frank discussion on digital taking over the publishing industry in the new age we live in.

  22. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    As a librarian, I'm no stranger to fraught conversations about the Great and Powerful "digital transition." This includes being bored or frustrated by them, sure, but leaves lots of room for professional self-interest, intellectual fascination, and political agita. Assayas, after making a pair of brilliantly playful, umbrous films that address these issues obliquely, here engages them directly, and ho-hummingly.

  23. manybits's rating of the film Non-Fiction

    Exquisite take on the state of culture in the age of Kindle, delivered with tongue-in-cheek cleverness by a masterful auteur. The comedic clichés and conventions are simply a smokescreen. Assays is mainly interested in the social and cultural effects of new media. Only a French director could mix Adorno and SEO, tweets and Balzac with such savoir faire. A must-see for anybody interested in media studies.

  24. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Non-Fiction