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  1. Flashy's rating of the film Nightwatching

    I love how Peter Greenaway takes a piece of artwork and events a largely fictional story of its creation. A great speech at the end that compares the painting The Night Watch to theatre rather than portrait.

  2. misu's rating of the film Nightwatching

  3. lou.'s rating of the film Nightwatching

    What piece of work is this movie! I've always thought it's a great lesson on aesthetics and, of course, about Rembrandt's «De Nachtwacht», one of the most exceptional paintings of the XVII. He's one of my favourite Dutch Masters. It's not the first time Greenaway plays with cinema and visual arts: the result, here, is terrific! I swear, it's a must-see cinematographic portrait, as well as Jos Stelling's one.

  4. AVA's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Gutes Stück,farbig,phantasievoll,direkt. Wunderbarer Martin Freeman.

  5. Operation Kino's rating of the film Nightwatching

    One of Greenaway's weaker films. The formalism is there, but the emotion is not.

  6. janh24's rating of the film Nightwatching

    An obsessively choreographed affair, with some rewarding cinematography.

  7. PFL's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Boasting an excellent cast, led by the outstanding Martin Freeman (who brings a strong sense of humanity to the central role), 'Nightwatching' is a frequently remarkable film. Shot in Greenaway's distinctive, theatre-like world, this absorbing movie is in turns sad, repulsive and profound. It has a rawness and spark very rarely found in period films. Pawlik's haunting score works wonderfully too.

  8. Ark V's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Interesting use of narration.

  9. agger's rating of the film Nightwatching

    A feature-length tableau vivant flaunting insane amounts of cinematic craftsmanship. Context-wise, I quickly realised how little actual useful background knowledge my commoner gene has equipped me with. Which is beside the point.

  10. raggiodisole's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Perhaps the most accessible film in Mr G's canon? having Martin Freeman in the front seat does not harm. It still has that arty, wordy stagey feel that makes it remote as a filmic experience, but pretty good

  11. Peter Manousakos's rating of the film Nightwatching

    This is not your typical biopic. It's a lovely work that just washes over you and it seems it's part of a trilogy by Peter Greenaway so would by goof for the good folks at Mubi to release those as well.

  12. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Seen in relation to the subsequent Rembrandt's J'Accuse, it seems a masterwork of critical suggestion. Apart, it feels incomplete. While essentially a remake of The Draughtsman's Contract, the film succeeds as both an investigation into the artistic process & as deconstruction of the Dutch master's style. The cinematic reproduction of van Rijn's work is of course exciting, but the human element is no less compelling.

  13. klofter's rating of the film Nightwatching

    5 stars for the visuals and Freemans endlessly watchable performance. 2 stars for the way Greenaway uses the tired trope of female suffering to further the drama for his male protagonist. The film is otherwise fantastic but why we can't come up with better ways to tell stories about men than to have them react to female deaths and miseries is beyond me. 3 1/2 stars, really, but rounded up.

  14. Nick Potter's rating of the film Nightwatching

    An incredibly fascinating experiment in film. Are we watching a regular story? Are we watching a piece of theatre? Greenaway captures Rembrandt in such a beautiful and artistic way, it truly is remarkable. Has Martin Freeman every come close to this performance since then? That would be hard to imagine. What might do this film the most justice is its surprising intrigue with conspiracies.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Too bad old Rembrandt didn't see 'The Draughtsman's Contract'. It was also about a cocky artist that bites the hand that feeds him. I'm a skeptic, so I have a hard time with believing in conspiracies. You do an unflattering group portrait, and you stop getting commissions. It's not a conspiracy. It's market forces. Also, tastes change.

  16. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Nightwatching

    After watching the film for a second time I liked it better. Greenaway has an increbible ability to use Rembrandt's colours, lights and spaces - like he did before with Vermeer's style in "A Zed & two Noughts". Structure and dynamics of his shots are incredible. Michael Nyman's score could be better: He composed a nice piece, but due to its permanent repetitions and use in underscoring it gets dreary.

  17. SPQRNH's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Verbeux et parfois difficile à suivre, cette 'Ronde de nuit' demeure une œuvre prenante où l'on apprend beaucoup sur la genèse du tableau, sur Rembrandt et son travail. La mise en scène originale et la superbe "photo" (ou plutôt "la peinture"?) témoignent du soin de Greenaway et de sa singularité. Vous verrez rarement un film en costume aussi réussi et visuellement beau, où chaque séquence prend des airs de tableau.

  18. madebydanlam's rating of the film Nightwatching

    When will this possibly most beautiful looking film come to the States? Criterion, Janus, somebody! Pick this up already!

  19. K L's rating of the film Nightwatching

    I cannot wait to see this! Greenaway is one of my favorite directors, and I wish his work was more readily available.

  20. Polype's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Visuellement magnifique, et horriblement creux, kitsch, et clinquant. Rembrandt semble être une petite frappe sortie d'un Guy Ritchie; malgré tout, on adhère au jeu de piste, malgré la légère puérilité de celui-ci.

  21. melancolia's rating of the film Nightwatching

    It was fascinating to watch this. Was it a theatre play? An extensive, creative, innovative explanation of a work of art? Would it be better if every art museum guides could be as colourful, derivative, and informative as this? Darkness permeated the film while Martin Freeman's Rembrandt had a dirty mouth.I really wish I could see more of his acting like in "Nightwatching". I truly believe he can pull it off.

  22. Graham Duncan Hill's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Rembrandt uses his painting to expose a murder conspiracy? More like this one please!

  23. Martin Sichetti's rating of the film Nightwatching

    Wonderful oil paintings in motion.

  24. Joel's rating of the film Nightwatching

    A different piece indeed. It took a moment to adjust to the filming style which allowed me to pause at any moment to capture a painting in motion. I found the first hour quite captivating and the plot fascinating. I couldn't help but enjoy the lead role. The music as well was quite fantastic. Yet the last hour was a bit of a cluster. A Greenway I have found the most easy to get entrenched in.

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