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  1. Photo of Greg Yaitanes

    Greg Yaitanes Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Rod Serling

    Rod Serling Showrunner

  3. Photo of Jordan Peele

    Jordan Peele Showrunner, Executive Producer, Story, and Narrator

  4. Photo of Marco Ramirez

    Marco Ramirez Screenplay, Story, and Showrunner

  5. Photo of Simon Kinberg

    Simon Kinberg Story and Showrunner

  6. Photo of Richard Matheson

    Richard Matheson Story and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Adam Scott

    Adam Scott Cast

  8. Photo of Nabil Ayoub

    Nabil Ayoub Cast

  9. Photo of J. Cameron Barnett

    J. Cameron Barnett Cast

  10. Photo of Alex Bogomolov

    Alex Bogomolov Cast

  11. Photo of Brea Schneider

    Brea Schneider Cast

  12. Photo of Ranjit Samra

    Ranjit Samra Cast

  13. Photo of China Shavers

    China Shavers Cast

  14. Photo of Demelza Randall

    Demelza Randall Cast

  15. Photo of Vladimir Ruzich

    Vladimir Ruzich Cast

  16. Photo of Lauren Overholt

    Lauren Overholt Cast

  17. Photo of Craig Wrobleski

    Craig Wrobleski Cinematography

  18. Photo of Marco Beltrami

    Marco Beltrami Music

  19. Photo of Brandon Roberts

    Brandon Roberts Music

  20. Photo of Carol Serling

    Carol Serling Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Alex Rubens

    Alex Rubens Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Whit Anderson

    Whit Anderson Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Scott Turner

    Scott Turner Editing