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  1. Photo of Sarah Pellerin

    Sarah Pellerin Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sophie Desmarais

    Sophie Desmarais Cast

  3. Photo of Henri Richer-Picard

    Henri Richer-Picard Cast

  4. Photo of Alexandre Landry

    Alexandre Landry Cast

  5. Photo of Maxime Dumontier

    Maxime Dumontier Cast

  6. Photo of Marilyn Castonguay

    Marilyn Castonguay Cast

  7. Photo of Philippe Boutin

    Philippe Boutin Cast

  8. Photo of Simon Larouche

    Simon Larouche Cast

  9. Photo of Guillaume Laurin

    Guillaume Laurin Cast

  10. Photo of Joanie Guérin

    Joanie Guérin Cast

  11. Photo of Sarah Anne Parent

    Sarah Anne Parent Cast

  12. Photo of Maya Gosselin

    Maya Gosselin Cast

  13. Photo of Ariel Methot-Bellemare

    Ariel Methot-Bellemare Cinematography

  14. Photo of Fanny-Laure Malo

    Fanny-Laure Malo Producer

  15. Photo of Annie-Claude Quirion

    Annie-Claude Quirion Producer

  16. Photo of Charles Grenier

    Charles Grenier Editing