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  1. Photo of Edward Dmytryk

    Edward Dmytryk Director

  2. Photo of John Paxton

    John Paxton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raymond Chandler

    Raymond Chandler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dick Powell

    Dick Powell Cast

  5. Photo of Claire Trevor

    Claire Trevor Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Shirley

    Anne Shirley Cast

  7. Photo of Otto Kruger

    Otto Kruger Cast

  8. Photo of Mike Mazurki

    Mike Mazurki Cast

  9. Photo of Miles Mander

    Miles Mander Cast

  10. Photo of Douglas Walton

    Douglas Walton Cast

  11. Photo of Donald Douglas

    Donald Douglas Cast

  12. Photo of Ralf Harolde

    Ralf Harolde Cast

  13. Photo of Esther Howard

    Esther Howard Cast

  14. Photo of Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Cast

  15. Photo of Larry Wheat

    Larry Wheat Cast

  16. Photo of Shimen Ruskin

    Shimen Ruskin Cast

  17. Photo of Dewey Robinson

    Dewey Robinson Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Phillips

    Paul Phillips Cast

  19. Photo of Donald Kerr

    Donald Kerr Cast

  20. Photo of Sam Finn

    Sam Finn Cast

  21. Photo of Harry J. Wild

    Harry J. Wild Cinematography

  22. Photo of Roy Webb

    Roy Webb Music

  23. Photo of Carroll Clark

    Carroll Clark Production Design

  24. Photo of Albert S. D'Agostino

    Albert S. D'Agostino Production Design

  25. Photo of Adrian Scott

    Adrian Scott Producer

  26. Photo of Sid Rogell

    Sid Rogell Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Joseph Noriega

    Joseph Noriega Editing

  28. Photo of Bailey Fesler

    Bailey Fesler Sound

  29. Photo of Edward Stevenson

    Edward Stevenson Costume Design