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  1. al_thephoenix's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    The archive gives you feverish dreams.

  2. Flavia Vieira's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    So beautiful. In addition to the deeply personal portrait, in a way in homage to the author's great-grandmother path, I loved the way the film talks about research methods, the daily routine of a reseacher, something that in general fascinates those who work in the academic environment. Very poetic and honest.

  3. Creighton Blinn's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    More a thought experiment than anything else -- lacks the emotional resonance of Bohdanowicz's other work that I've seen . . .

  4. Mayssa's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Ce film est d’un ennui profond.

  5. tubbssw's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    There were scenes that I didn't find interesting nor have an emotional attachment. On the other hand, there were scenes that I could relate to because of my interest in systems e.g. the scenes where the young woman is interacting with the librarian and with her aunt on literary estates.

  6. Natale's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Questo non è un film......Le recensioni che fornite sono a dir poco fuorvianti

  7. eberhard's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    "The effort of everything to become (recognized as) language." (Besides the usual endeavor of verbal, musical translation)

  8. Juan's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Apenas se tiene en pie.

  9. Eleanor's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    An odd documentary/fiction mix, alternating silent shots of Deragh Campbell as Audrey sifting through archived letters, and fixed-camera monologues delivered in a cafe about the nature of letters as objects and the direction of her research. The scenes between Audrey and her aunt Ania are overacted in a way that might be deliberate. Weird, but worth it: what other movie replicates the emotional beats of research?

  10. AEDR2's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Una película que cuenta la relación entre dos mujeres que va de lo personal a lo histórico. Toca fibras sensibles.

  11. Eliane Silva's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Este é um filme de amor e poesia que mostra tantas formas de amar quantas formas tem de o amor existir. São de amor as histórias contidas nas cartas da bisavó para o poeta e é também uma história de amor a sofisticada e refinada pesquisa feita na biblioteca com tanto desvelo pela bisneta, acompanhando os diálogos estabelecidos pela bisavó com o poeta naqueles tempos de desterritorialização das pessoas.

  12. Mert's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    i liked the editing and idea. however i felt lost in couple of scenes. also was hard to follow audrey and his aunt's dialogues.

  13. Alysson Dayann Lopez Chacon's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Poesía pura. Te hace reflexionar sobre la inmaterialidad de las cartas y el significado en el lenguaje. Maravillosamente construida.

  14. aam's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Waste of time. Bad photography, bad characters, bad narrative and uninteresting language. Random entitled academia girl tries to rationalize some letters, and suck the soul of it's poetry in the process, with random ramblings that you would expect from academia.

  15. dionysus67's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    An elegy for the (forever) lost homeland and the feelings of sadness that go with the human condition and the journey towards attaining meaning and fulfilment. Alas! Despite the good intentions, the interesting reflections on form and content or Bohdanowiczowa's anti-modernist search for rural Gemeinschaft, this homage is, in cinematic terms (what counts here), devoid of poetry, externally imposed only through Bach.

  16. Konsgaard's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    The detached, academic viewpoint fits this essay on time and communication nicely. I found Bach's music equally fitting and the monologue/dialogue of the protagonist had glimpses of transcendental beauty. You can read my full review here:

  17. josé neves's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    MUBI. Contemporary cinema continues to go to the academy and do its studies of memorialistic curatorship (or of any other type), but as it is said in a scene in the film, incidentally the funniest one, if everyone thinks that can be a curator, imagine in terms of cinema, that is, as a filmmaker. It's an explosion like mushrooms in magical woods.

  18. bettycelorrio's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Una sensible narrativa acerca del lenguaje de la poesia y todo lo que ello encierra. Una excelente interpretación, nostalgia por lo,perdido y la tierra de origen se entremezclan con un amor platonico lleno de poesia

  19. eleanor's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Aside from the interesting family history, immigration and relationship stories, Deragh Campbell perfectly portays the frustration of a young woman whose hard work and insightful endeavours are dismissed and patronised. Her steady, unsmiling gaze perfectly expresses the frustration and boredom of being underestimated by those older and not wiser.

  20. _sans.soleil_'s rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    *I always imagine you as a wild bird, storming within the walls of a skyscraper, angry and frightened at the same time* The materiality of words. The sound of a sharp pencil. The small indents and fold lines of paper. The Harvard library. The great grandmother writing from a desk in a countryside. This genre should be called literary porn <3

  21. Gallus's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    There is some kind of story buried underneath all these letters. A young female who encounters a piece of history that is rightfully hers but must fight bureaucrat, herself, and others to keep what’s hers. The problem is that the story is flimsy and shallow, you care nothing for the characters within it, and their goals seem so insignificant to you. This could’ve improved by being a short film instead. What a waste.

  22. Wan Nor Azriq's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Unless you a literary scholar or a fan of Polish poetry, I can't see how you will endure watching this movie from beginning to end. The inserts are interesting where you can get to see the original manuscripts and the handwriting of the poet. It's almost like you doing research with the movie. Not a movie for everyone, but you hardcore academicians will relish the experience.

  23. Alexander Tschirk's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Entschleunigte Liebeserklärung an handgeschriebene Briefe mit dem Anspruch, diese sowohl als Konzept, als auch inhaltlich zu deuten. Dabei begeben wir uns auf eine Reise in die Vergangenheit und diskutieren die Definition von Kunst und ihr Wirken.

  24. Kayla Bradley's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    MS SLAVIC 7 is not your typical drama that you would watch in the movie theater. It's about a troubled girl that hopes to find herself while researching these letters that her grandmother wrote to another poet. Joze Wittlin, who was also a Nobel prize winner. Created in 2019, this film was very complex, and made viewers really think, it is a must see. Ms Slavic 7 is an intriguing drama and ages can enjoy.