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  1. Salman Farisi Prasad's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    A fashionable slow-burning cinema about reflection on ideas, psyche, and interest, on a caution vessel of keeper and speech. It turns out, the magical terms of such a cinema and filmmaker are an outburst of what the human condition is and the path to significance and compliance. You could just say: it's average but dull.

  2. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Intriguing yet unfinished dialogue of projections and possibility between the personal and the public, the real and the fictional; its procedural dryness is underlined by a hyper-dry, scathing wit.

  3. Gilberto Tedeia's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Tese: meio é mensagem. Fortalezas seculares: sim, detalhes secretos. Fantasma calado: sincronicidade velada de seu oposto. Rifada: diferença meio e fim. Valorados: em relação de equivalência. A produção: anos epistolares. Produção disjuntiva: ou ato material de postar carta (variável ad infinitum) ou mensagens sobre algo a alguém (comum é andar em círculos). Significante: paleontologia redescritora até de tia

  4. jose&ruben's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

  5. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    I liked it. It's a very academic film. Very much about dichotomies and disconnects - whether it's the image and the sounds and the texts, the past and the present, young generation and older generation, past and present, etc. It's a interesting little film and a nice discovery.

  6. Dan Oliveira's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Uma ode achei um pouco demais. O início do filme quase em fez desistir de ver o restante. A música, não me agradou, apesar de ser um amante de música clássica! Não achei que combinou com as cenas, e me deu angústia. A fala arrastada, a voz da personagem...enfim, vi até o final que passou a me agradar mais para o fim do enredo.

  7. Guilherme Tristão Martins da Rocha's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Indefinição total sobre o que é esse filme. É sobre a correspondência entre 2 poetas? Sobre a alma polonesa? Sobre uma moça querendo fazer algo de sua vida, resgatando a avó? Uma teoria sobre a materialidade dos contatos via cartas? Um ensaio sobre pesquisa literária ? Um momento auto-biográfico? Não é nada disso!!! A curiosidade é que a avó da atriz/diretora existiu e era poeta: Zofia Bohdanowiczowa. DISPENSÁVEL!

  8. żaneta36's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    I found it as pretentious as the 'Goop Lab'. The idea of doing a close reading of letters written in Polish without knowing the language and handling them as some overblown art objects is a great metaphor of what the directors did to the subject.

  9. Kasra Karbasi's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    You may be surprised that this kind of digital image, that's nearly video-like, in this kind of découpage and mise-en-scène can really grab your attention and actually be expressive. On the other hand the unintended amateurism [those insert shots of the papers and pencils with a nearly ASMR quality in sound design] and the scale of the film [only one hour] prevent you to go through a unique cinematic experience.

  10. Shristi and Arjun's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Poetic and life-like representation of what it means to dip yourself fingers into your family history through the sweetness of letters, even if you’re away from homeland and speak the language of a foreign land.

  11. mis marg's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Bit of a hard graft this one; youth chasing history, wanting to own it. "Property of Houghton Library" beware, she's coming to contest you on this particular set of items...... And fight the aunt. Is there some rivalry here , that grandma left mothers things to "Audrey". And the telling off about the hide at the end,- to the allegedly troubled grandchild? Really it would be 4 days restoring couch cushions?

  12. Jack's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    a pleasure to see things unfold throughout, but at times I felt that there was a little too much space for silence.

  13. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    A look at history, how someone from the here and now connects to it, and the privilege of being able to curate the remnants of past lives. It teeters close to being a bit pretentious at times, but always just manages to circle back to focusing on the lives being explored by people who care about what they're discovering.

  14. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Una cinta capaz de demostrar que si algo funciona razonablemente en un corto como VESLEMOY'S SONG, también puede tornarse en un asunto de hueva insoportable si se extiende a un film de 65 minutos. Otra de esas películitas de hedor intelectualoide, la cuál no llega a ningún lado en sus planteamientos y que sólo puede resultar de interés para los más acérrimos admiradores de la música de Bach. El resto, absténganse.

  15. juliana braka's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    when's the last time you wrote a letter?

  16. Ersan Kaan Erçelik's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Belgesel olsa bir şansı olabilir ama bu haliyle kapaktaki gibi uyku getiriyor ve çok sıkıcı...

  17. msmichel's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    This warm collaboration between Bohdanowicz and Campbell is quite enjoyable as its themes of academia, family histories and curation are often savagely sent up but with a degree of intelligence and wit. Who hasn't had a conversation with a troubled academic who seems to be missing the point of their own research? Quite droll yet mesmerizing.

  18. Kwemo's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Bohdanowicz's short film (Veslemoy's Song) was much better. It doesn't feel like much is here (not nothing, but not much). I respect the narrative thread of this series but it seems to me more suited for a series of shorts than feature films. This being said, I haven't seen Never Eat Alone so I may be missing something.

  19. anna conneally's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    The scenes with the aunt (over-acted, posturing) were as funny as they are infuriating - she seems to pretty succinctly represent the gatekeeping, bureaucracy, snobbery that stand in the way. Three stars is maybe a little bit generous, but I found the ‘you can’t just go and BE a curator’ scene really funny.

  20. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Is the poem that is shown here about the birds really about two married poets that can't leave their prison of marriage and our leading lady is just too disconnected with herself to see the truth that is staring at her through the written words? Who the hell knows? This movie is very vague to really adress this. An interesting concept but "Veslemøy's Song" was much better thought out. E. Rucker is pure venom though.

  21. Pok's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    El enfoque en las cartas como objetos es enfatizado por el aspecto sensorial: el sonido de las hojas, el color del papel, el ruido del tecleo o del lápiz al trazar. Casi podemos sentir la textura y percibir el aroma del papel amarillento. Difuminando la barrera entre lo documental y lo ficticio, esta historia de descubrimiento tiene varios matices. Siento que Audrey está tratando de conectar con un pasado inaccesible

  22. Agustin Cesaratti's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

  23. Juniper Bedwell-Wilson's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    I loved the music used and hearing her talk about letters

  24. Natalie's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Com uma linguagem singular e narrativa expressivamente única, MS Slavic 7 é uma preciosidade. As emoções impressas e as vividas se cruzam entre as missivas e as descobertas da protagonista. Tudo se complementa intuitivamente pelo olhar magistral da diretora. " O meio é a mensagem"

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