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  1. Photo of Chaim Tauber

    Chaim Tauber Cast and Play

  2. Photo of Seymour Rechzeit

    Seymour Rechzeit Cast

  3. Photo of Yetta Zwerling

    Yetta Zwerling Cast

  4. Photo of Jacob Zanger

    Jacob Zanger Cast

  5. Photo of Maurice Krohner

    Maurice Krohner Cast

  6. Photo of Izidor Frankel

    Izidor Frankel Cast

  7. Photo of Berthe Hart

    Berthe Hart Cast

  8. Photo of Gertrude Krause

    Gertrude Krause Cast

  9. Photo of Malvina Rappel

    Malvina Rappel Cast

  10. Photo of Herman Rosen

    Herman Rosen Cast

  11. Photo of Joseph Schoengold

    Joseph Schoengold Cast

  12. Photo of Louis 'Leibele' Waldman

    Louis 'Leibele' Waldman Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Levine

    Charles Levine Cinematography

  14. Photo of Don Malkames

    Don Malkames Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sholom Secunda

    Sholom Secunda Music

  16. Photo of F. Allstadt

    F. Allstadt Production Design

  17. Photo of Joseph Seiden

    Joseph Seiden Producer and Director

  18. Photo of Murray Dichter

    Murray Dichter Sound

  19. Photo of Paul Jacobs

    Paul Jacobs Sound