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  1. zdravk3's rating of the film Me Too

    when he pretends he's a retard in the elevator

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  4. paul oram's rating of the film Me Too

    What a beautiful film this is. But this isnt just about breaking film taboos of any sort - its way beyond that - it is at no point contrived, forced or artificial. Its about a love between two people who've both never experienced it before, not sex scenes. Its a love that releases both of them to move forward as individuals in their own right, its not an end in itself.

  5. kopfkompass's rating of the film Me Too

    Subtil erzählt, großartig gespielt und famos gefilmt. An der entscheidenden Stelle aber zu feige. Was ein Jammer ist.

  6. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Me Too

    Two Spanish Academy awards and two other nominations earned by this movie dealing with a sensitive matter. Of course, one could say that the film is more a documentary than a romance because the mise-en-scene is very discreet and the screenplay basic, to say the least, but the main characters's performance wins our immediate support. Highly recommended.

  7. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Me Too

    Outstanding, mature romance which develops with realistic ebbs and flows through the length of the film. The central relationship is often contrasted with a variety of relationships surrounding it without ever seeming forced or artificial. This film has more seemingly effortless depth and heart that 99% of the histrionic cartoonish relationships you'll see on an American theater screen.

  8. Veritas Verte's rating of the film Me Too

    Good in dealing with some of the social aspects of disability, but complacent in its acceptance of the "impossibility" of a relationship, and in this, degrading and bleak. This reminded me of the interracial taboo that plagued so much of the 20th century. Sorry to see that the taboo of a sex scene with an individual with a real disability could not be broken. The most the non-disabled audience can handle is a kiss??

  9. In An Expression Of The Inexpressible's rating of the film Me Too

    If Daniel wouldn't have the Down syndrome this movie would be the most classical romance tail from Hollywood. And even like that it's really a typical european movie about an "impossible" love, but it's still cute and keeps you interested.

  10. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Me Too

    Surprisingly mature an un-manipulative tale of a man with Down Syndrome who falls in love with a "normal" co-worker. Gets major points for trying to navigate tricky narrative and emotional waters with intelligence. It isn't always successful, but a little bit goes a long way.

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  12. Tigrane Minassian's rating of the film Me Too

    I was so nicely surprised to see this little film. It gave me a big smile that couldn't go off my face all night after seeing it. Lola Duenas is incredible. Great film!

  13. virginwolf's rating of the film Me Too

    Saw this on Sarajevo Film Festival today! In open air cinema! It was cold and windy but this film kept me warm! Just great! Loved, loved, loved, loved the camera!!!