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  1. kritika1994's rating of the film Mammo

    I cannot believe it took me a lockdown to discover this gem of a film. What a beautiful portrayal of love, loss of identity, courage, abandonment & home. The entire film ran through a series of binaries of what is & what it could be. How beautifully it captured the essence of Mumbai, it's showers & the people. I can never imagine anyone more perfect than Farida Jalal playing the eponymous Mammo, what a delight.

  2.'s rating of the film Mammo

    One of my all time favourite movies about India. We are a country and culture that is being pulled in different directions and this gem of a movie with some unforgettable scenes deftly brings the forces to screen without any overbearing moral judgements.

  3. kanikagauba15's rating of the film Mammo

    watch it for: a) farida jalal and surekha sikri b) the jagjit singh song (superbly placed!) c) the recurring aquarium metaphor d) the kafkaesque ending

  4. Benjamin Aaron Carl Hill's rating of the film Mammo

  5. Juhi Jotwani's rating of the film Mammo

    Farida Jalal is vibrant as always and she has aged gracefully in an industry where it becomes very difficult for women to do that. I have never seen a child figure like Riyaz. He is precocious and not innocent at all but definitely a delight to watch. Jalal and Sikhri shine through.

  6. Shubham Jain's rating of the film Mammo

    Truly a masterpiece. Farida Jalal's performance is unforgettable as Mammo. I'm in awe of the genius of Shyam Benegal. From Gibran, Hitchcock, Beethoven, Shakespeare to Faiz, Iqbal Bano, Jagjit Singh, Ghalib, Manto, Ismat and M. S. Sathyu; it has everything! It brings you to tears and then puts a smile on your face instantly. Beautifully crafted and one of the most humane films on the tragic history of Partition.

  7. udaykanth's rating of the film Mammo

    They just don't make movies like this anymore! A sensitive topic like the 1947 partition, dealt in the most humane and realistic manner. The actors are all fantastic, Farida Jalal is at her delightful best. THAT ASIDE, can we talk about the almost still life-painting like frames!? Between that and the bombay monsoons, the mood created is a feast for the eyes and soul.

  8. Priyanka Dubey's rating of the film Mammo

    What a treat ! A very moving film ! My favourite of Benegal - after sooraj ka saatvan ghoda.

  9. raonikhilm87's rating of the film Mammo

    A fine piece of cinema that highlights the pain of partition without any of the gory scenes being depicted. The cast is extremely nuanced in their performance and the storyline stands out amidst all the chaos of commercial cinema. The casting steals the story as each of them justify their casting without any doubts being left behind in the audience.

  10. armanyakoobkhan's rating of the film Mammo

    The realism in this film is truly striking. The details, the nuances, the subtleties of class differences are all so beautifully represented without seeming preachy at all. The onscreen presence of Fareeda Jalal and Surekha Sikri is like a breath of fresh air every time you see them interacting. Benegal at his finest. The best film in his Muslim trilogy.

  11. petit astronaute's rating of the film Mammo

  12. pepoire's rating of the film Mammo

    I can't say what I want to say about this film in 420 characters, so let me instead just say: I LOVE FARIDA JALAL. Always worth saying.