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  1. seakat's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    It's a film opposed to development of relationships, the search for personal growth through his path. However he doesn't manage to develop completely, I feel the reasons that make him who he is are missing.

  2. xiaoyue's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    there are individuals who assert their superior intelligence via a curated verbosity of denigration and bitterness, assuming that if one spends enough time analyzing the world, they would find a maelstrom of stupidity, cruelty, and ignorance. but when the lesser artist masturbates in his misandry, he extinguishes the deep power of joy, which is, as wordsworth said, what allows one to see into the true life of things.

  3. Derrière chaque paupière des oeillades's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

  4. lbunuel's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    It doesn't reach one inch of its ambitions, which go far beyond the banal indie genre it plays with. But, maybe because I was expecting it to be exactly the type of banal indie stuff, I was surprised to find one or two insightful moments.

  5. Lachlan McCord's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    A good character study on ego featuring enjoyable performances and excellent writing.

  6. camille demers-lambert's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

  7. Gavin's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    This is not my favorite of his films, but I think this uncomfortable comedy sums up Perry's style the best. The voice over narration is too much and doesn't add as much as it should. I love the idea though. It is beautifully shot and has a good feel to it. Schwartzman just seems flat and comical, he needs more asshole in him. The story just seems to end where it began and not much is added in between.

  8. babycakesromero's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    should have been called 'shut up philip'

  9. EdieMaas's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    It's rare that I write a review when I don't finish the film, but then, it's rare that I don't finish a film that I've invested an hour+ into. There's nothing for me here. A very white film about insufferable hipsters and their not-that-profound life lessons.

  10. msmichel's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Wonderful picture about two narcissistic, vain authors at opposite ends of their careers who share their misanthropic and self imposed exiles with one another. Perfectly cast with Schwartzman and Pryce in those roles but also with the mesmerizing Elisabeth Moss whose character is interesting enough to warrant her own film. Sharp writing and indelible performances make this special. Narrated by Eric Bogosian.

  11. dan's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    He is not mean with everybody, not with his mentor.

  12. Simon Grant's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Really enjoyed this one. Well acted and the narration fit.

  13. Zoran Popovic's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Mildly entertaining and not immune to clichés, this film showcases certain aesthetics and narratives that are becoming increasingly foreign in American cinematography. Much to its own demise.

  14. asudeh's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Jason Schwartzman's presence makes it hard not to see this as a hard-boiled Wes Anderson movie, but it finds real emotional depth by the end. The ride is occasionally annoying and frustrating --- Philip is mostly not a sympathetic character --- but Listen Up Philip still manages to resonate, without any real compromises.

  15. pensum's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

  16. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    The main character (interpreted by Jason Schwartzman) is a spoiled, egocentric and a typical neurotic new yorker hipster. Nothing wrong with that (that's our times), but the character has no charisma at all. Actually no character in the movie has some sort of charisma and the screenplay is really bad written. Two stars only for the soundtrack and the "seventies feel" of the movie.

  17. Kwemo's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Enjoyable when it's funny (assholes unnecessarily being assholes and reaping what they sew), dull when it's not. The tone is inconsistent and overall could use some trimming. Schwartzman brings the film up to "slightly above average."

  18. SPaid's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Alex Ross Perry conjures up an alternate universe in which Jonathan Ames festers friendless upstate in languid 16mm. Normally loathe voice-over (which the recently-played 2 Days In Paris barely gets away with) but it's actually employed to some effect here, reaching out into a future which seems impossible for people so stuck.

  19. Malcolm Harris's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    It is exactly like a minor Phillip Roth novel, except a movie. Pretty good!

  20. Adam GR's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Expertly photographed by Sean Price Williams, as if every day exists in beauty. Even fleeting glances, pangs, emotions. Is this somewhat autobiographical? It's hard not to see Jason Schwartzman as the director's doppelgänger. My first foray into Alex Ross Perry...the narration, ever-shifting yet natural editing, native New York shots endear me to his voice. But is heterosexuality always slightly misogynistic? idgi

  21. Thor Richardt's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Philip is a writer living in the city working to publicize his second novel. He befriends an author, Ike Zimmerman who although a once established writer, hasn't written anything new since he moved to the city. Throughout the film, Ike plays something of a glimpse into the future for Philip. This film covers the death of the soul as you watch a character fight their own nature until, at the end; they are a ghost.

  22. tinderness's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Nein, das ist nicht der liebenswerte Stadtneurotiker W. Allens, der gezeichnet wird, sondern das selbstsüchtige Arschloch des neuen Millemiums: selbstverliebt, kontaktunfähig und wehleidig. Ein Prototyp, der hier sein Monument hätte errichten können, wäre da nicht die selbstverliebte Stimme aus dem Off, die alles zu erklären und deuten vorgibt, was die Kamera begleitet. Was den Film schwächt, sehr sogar!

  23. David R Williams's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    Neatly An hour in and I start thinking, holy fuck there’s another hour left of this shit? I almost dropped out about 10 minutes in as that droning narration was putting a serious hurt on my ears. Take out the narration and I may have made it to the end. But halfway through and that drone keeps kicking in on top of a story that had already been told, and no. Just no.

  24. La'Kaira Prudent's rating of the film Listen Up Philip

    A good movie to watch about an up incoming author with his amazing literary talents that start that quiclky grow to be a major burden on his life and career choices. Watch as his super ego leads him into a life of loneliness in this dark comedy filled to the brim with unresolved issues and drama right out of the opening scences.

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