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  1. Photo of Jirí Menzel

    Jirí Menzel Director

  2. Photo of Zdeněk Svěrák

    Zdeněk Svěrák Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vladimir Vojnovich

    Vladimir Vojnovich Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gennadi Nazarov

    Gennadi Nazarov Cast

  5. Photo of Zoya Buryak

    Zoya Buryak Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Ilin

    Vladimir Ilin Cast

  7. Photo of Valeriy Zolotukhin

    Valeriy Zolotukhin Cast

  8. Photo of Aleksei Zharkov

    Aleksei Zharkov Cast

  9. Photo of Yuriy Dubrovin

    Yuriy Dubrovin Cast

  10. Photo of Sergey Garmash

    Sergey Garmash Cast

  11. Photo of Zinovi Gerdt

    Zinovi Gerdt Cast

  12. Photo of Marián Labuda

    Marián Labuda Cast

  13. Photo of Mariya Vinogradova

    Mariya Vinogradova Cast

  14. Photo of Tatyana Gerbachevskaya

    Tatyana Gerbachevskaya Cast

  15. Photo of Lyubov Rudneva

    Lyubov Rudneva Cast

  16. Photo of Ivan Ryzhov

    Ivan Ryzhov Cast

  17. Photo of Vyacheslav Molokov

    Vyacheslav Molokov Cast

  18. Photo of Nikolai Marchenko

    Nikolai Marchenko Cast

  19. Photo of Tatyana Agafonova

    Tatyana Agafonova Cast

  20. Photo of Tatyana Ozhurkova

    Tatyana Ozhurkova Cast

  21. Photo of Galina Petrova

    Galina Petrova Cast

  22. Photo of Henryk Bista

    Henryk Bista Cast

  23. Photo of Aleksandr Ilin

    Aleksandr Ilin Cast

  24. Photo of Aleksandr Kuzmichyov

    Aleksandr Kuzmichyov Cast

  25. Photo of Sergey Batalov

    Sergey Batalov Cast

  26. Photo of Igor Fokin

    Igor Fokin Cast

  27. Photo of Jaromír Sofr

    Jaromír Sofr Cinematography

  28. Photo of Jiří Šust

    Jiří Šust Music

  29. Photo of Milan Býcek

    Milan Býcek Production Design

  30. Photo of Eric Abraham

    Eric Abraham Producer

  31. Photo of Katya Krausova

    Katya Krausova Producer

  32. Photo of Domenico Procacci

    Domenico Procacci Producer

  33. Photo of Jiří Brožek

    Jiří Brožek Editing