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  1. PLÍNIO SENA's rating of the film Let It Burn

    se ninguém ficou comovido ou teve um choque de realidade e humanismo depois desta obra pode sumir.

  2. Iona Clark's rating of the film Let It Burn

    a tender piece, I'm in awe of how this was shot; we get so close to people experiencing the full spectrum of emotion, yet largely, this doesn't stop people speaking their mind and singing with their heart. The end hit me hard. The word that springs to mind? Injustice.

  3. Batuhan Paçacı's rating of the film Let It Burn

    İnsanı ve hayatı anlatan bu belgeselde yaşama dair her bir parçayı gözlemlemek mümkün. Duyguların yoğunluğunun, mekan ve statü farketmeksizin insanın öz benliğinde bulunduğunu hissettiriyor. Irksal, sınıfsal, politik ayrımın ve ötekileştirmenin insanı insan yapan değerlere karışamayacağına olan vurgusu da güzel. Her karakterin duygusundan kendinize bir parça bulabilceğiniz, insanı anlatan eşsiz bir belgesel.

  4. Lucas Augusto Da Silva Pereira's rating of the film Let It Burn

    É incrível a capacidade de resiliência diante do caos interno e externo!! Documentário humano e poético.

  5. mis marg's rating of the film Let It Burn

    A hard watch, when people are broken, using, to cope and co dependent. We see attacks on other residents and are told that some time later, the hostel closed. There remains a Dom Pedro hostel in Sao Paulo still offering rooms to this day, presumably sans film crew. Populous Brasil, where stress also spills into countryside on native people, and the bio diversity indeed burns. One of your dark underbellies is here.

  6. m00nJaguar's rating of the film Let It Burn

    A shelter for homeless crack addicts, alcoholics and mental patients (sometimes all three) in a unnamed Brazilian metropolis. From room to room we go, entering lives of damaged, flawed humans. But each one is human and unique, with most of tenderness, talent, anger or incoherent madness. Sad but enlightening

  7. Fernando's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Un retrato de la precariedad que se vive en los albergues de Sao Paulo: una ciudad cuyo desarrollo la coloca como uno de los principales motores económicos de Latinoamérica y que, sin embargo, sigue privilegiando sólo a unos pocos. En este documental, la cámara resulta invasiva en cada uno de los espacios y no permite que los personajes fluyan; esto provoca que no exista una conexión entre el espectador y la historia

  8. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Let It Burn

    An earnest and honest portrayal of drug addicts in a Brazilian hotel/shelter, Let It Burn works well without feeling as if it is forcing a narrative upon the events or characters. The final onscreen text makes a strong point, but the entire journey is worthwhile.

  9. easternicko's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Sommersi e non salvati. 2,5/3.

  10. Pok's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Retrato humanista de una comunidad de adictos que muestra sus vidas, sus anhelos, su desesperación, sus momentos tranquilos y la música de sus espíritus. Si es difícil para uno como espectador, no puedo ni imaginar lo desgarrador que es para un documentalista estar ahí, en medio de la miseria, siendo testigo y sin poder hacer nada por ayudar a sus sujetos. Devastador.

  11. tubbssw's rating of the film Let It Burn

    It was okay but the problem I had with the documentary is that it didn't tell me anything new or spring any surprises - within reason what I saw I expected to see.

  12. anna conneally's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Extremely sad. Initially I was worried about the potential for this to be exploitative - in fact it’s tender and humane.

  13. Thomas's rating of the film Let It Burn

  14. Gallus's rating of the film Let It Burn

    A documentary dictating a glimpse on the lives of the marginalized and the poor in an apartment complex. It may not do much with its subjects or even tell anything we don’t already know or haven’t seen before in films like The Florida Project or Selfie, but sometimes just looking at their lives is good enough. It’s good enough in here too.

  15. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Let It Burn

    I say it over and over again - there are films so necessary that ratings don't fit the picture. Let it Burn portrays reality with punch after punch, although not looking forced or over dramatic at the end. It is reality - as cinema. To look into people so closely can be mesmerizing if you open yourself to the exercise of co-existing.

  16. Ines Aimarah's rating of the film Let It Burn

    interessant mais plus de détails sur les perso, moins "ambiance générale" aurait été bien.

  17. Alexander Tschirk's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Berührende Dokumentation über das Leben am unteren Ende der Gesellschaft, Preis & Wert eines Menschen, den Drang nach oben und die ungefilterten Gefühle der Bewohner. Dazu mit unerwartetem, aber mitunter großem musikalischen Potential.

  18. AEDR2's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Una historia tan humana y universal que retrata la sensibilidad y empatía dentro de estos sitios donde se confina la esperanza de un día a la vez

  19. dionysus67's rating of the film Let It Burn

    A painful social roblem that afflicts Brazil (as well as other societies) and generates enormous suffering for the addicts and all those who are excluded under conditions of absolute deprivation. There is no doubt that Bühler treats the subjects with integrity and humanist affection without the slightest inkling of cheap moralizing. Yet, cinematically, the milieu at this film length needed more detailed presentation.

  20. Bruno Freitas de Oliveira's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Stunningly filmed. So strong and difficult topic yet so affectionate and tender. A very honest non exploitative portrait of addition. One can sense the director's empathy and respect towards the participants throughout the film.

  21. mlillydesign's rating of the film Let It Burn

  22. Cine2020's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Need a coherent story in the film, could have been better.

  23. g.meirelles20's rating of the film Let It Burn

    Humanity seen in places and faces that our society makes us forget. Beautiful film and a sad reality of capitalism.

  24. Estelle's rating of the film Let It Burn

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