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  1. Photo of Carlos Moreira Neto

    Carlos Moreira Neto Screenplay

  2. Photo of Darcy Ribeiro

    Darcy Ribeiro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernanda Montenegro

    Fernanda Montenegro Narrator

  4. Photo of Affonso Beato

    Affonso Beato Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lúcio Kodato

    Lúcio Kodato Cinematography

  6. Photo of Luiz Carlos Saldanha

    Luiz Carlos Saldanha Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ricardo Stein

    Ricardo Stein Cinematography

  8. Photo of Zelito Viana

    Zelito Viana Producer, Director, and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Roberto Beluco

    Roberto Beluco Producer

  10. Photo of Eduardo Escorel

    Eduardo Escorel Editing

  11. Photo of Guido Cavalcanti

    Guido Cavalcanti Sound

  12. Photo of Sidnei Paiva Lopes

    Sidnei Paiva Lopes Sound

  13. Photo of Barbara Margollies

    Barbara Margollies Sound

  14. Photo of Jorge Saldanha

    Jorge Saldanha Sound