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La bête humaine

Directed by Jean Renoir
France, 1938
Drama, Crime


On board a train bound for the port city of Le Havre, railroad stationmaster Roubard murders a man who seduced his young wife Severine. Engineer Jacques Lantier also begins a passionate affair with Severine, who takes little time in suggesting that Jacques should get rid of her controlling husband.

La bête humaine Directed by Jean Renoir

Critics reviews

A grimly fatalistic tale about a train engineer’s inbred compulsion to murder, and his desperate attempts to restrain it, it is graced by an iconic Jean Gabin performance that attempts to go beyond good and evil.
June 13, 2017
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It reads as being especially nefarious, and certainly psychological, but Renoir holds true to his style and doesn’t burden the film with inquiry. Rather, he extracts the poetry from Zola’s text and translates it as poetic realism instead of any variation of actual realism.
August 05, 2016
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