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  1. Photo of Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Director, Editing, Cast, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jason Mewes

    Jason Mewes Cast

  3. Photo of Ben Affleck

    Ben Affleck Cast

  4. Photo of Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson Cast

  5. Photo of Brian O'Halloran

    Brian O'Halloran Cast

  6. Photo of Shannon Elizabeth

    Shannon Elizabeth Cast

  7. Photo of Eliza Dushku

    Eliza Dushku Cast

  8. Photo of Ali Larter

    Ali Larter Cast

  9. Photo of Jennifer Schwalbach Smith

    Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Cast

  10. Photo of Will Ferrell

    Will Ferrell Cast

  11. Photo of Jason Lee

    Jason Lee Cast

  12. Photo of Judd Nelson

    Judd Nelson Cast

  13. Photo of George Carlin

    George Carlin Cast

  14. Photo of Carrie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher Cast

  15. Photo of Seann William Scott

    Seann William Scott Cast

  16. Photo of Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart Cast

  17. Photo of Tracy Morgan

    Tracy Morgan Cast

  18. Photo of Gus Van Sant

    Gus Van Sant Cast

  19. Photo of Chris Rock

    Chris Rock Cast

  20. Photo of Jamie Kennedy

    Jamie Kennedy Cast

  21. Photo of Wes Craven

    Wes Craven Cast

  22. Photo of Shannen Doherty

    Shannen Doherty Cast

  23. Photo of Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill Cast

  24. Photo of Joey Lauren Adams

    Joey Lauren Adams Cast

  25. Photo of Matt Damon

    Matt Damon Cast

  26. Photo of Marc Blucas

    Marc Blucas Cast

  27. Photo of Jason Biggs

    Jason Biggs Cast

  28. Photo of James Van Der Beek

    James Van Der Beek Cast

  29. Photo of Harley Quinn Smith

    Harley Quinn Smith Cast

  30. Photo of Dwight Ewell

    Dwight Ewell Cast

  31. Photo of Jamie Anderson

    Jamie Anderson Cinematography

  32. Photo of James L. Venable

    James L. Venable Music

  33. Photo of Scott Mosier

    Scott Mosier Producer and Editing