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  1. Photo of Marcel Sabourin

    Marcel Sabourin Screenplay and Cast

  2. Photo of Monique Mercure

    Monique Mercure Cast

  3. Photo of Marthe Thierry

    Marthe Thierry Cast

  4. Photo of Catherine Tremblay

    Catherine Tremblay Cast

  5. Photo of Mariette Duval

    Mariette Duval Cast

  6. Photo of Denis Hamel

    Denis Hamel Cast

  7. Photo of Stéphane L'Ecuyer

    Stéphane L'Ecuyer Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Bilodeau

    Jacques Bilodeau Cast

  9. Photo of Colette Cortois

    Colette Cortois Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Letarte

    Pierre Letarte Cinematography

  11. Photo of Pierre Mignot

    Pierre Mignot Cinematography

  12. Photo of Maurice Blackburn

    Maurice Blackburn Music

  13. Photo of Jean-Marc Garand

    Jean-Marc Garand Producer

  14. Photo of Jean Beaudin

    Jean Beaudin Editing, Director, and Screenplay

  15. Photo of Hélène Girard

    Hélène Girard Editing

  16. Photo of Jacques Blain

    Jacques Blain Sound

  17. Photo of Jean-Pierre Joutel

    Jean-Pierre Joutel Sound

  18. Photo of Roger Lamoureux

    Roger Lamoureux Sound