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  1. Photo of Germaine Dulac

    Germaine Dulac Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Baudelaire

    Charles Baudelaire Screenplay

  3. Photo of Irène Hillel-Erlanger

    Irène Hillel-Erlanger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Emma Gynt

    Emma Gynt Cast

  5. Photo of Raymond Dubreuil

    Raymond Dubreuil Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Mirfeuil

    Robert Mirfeuil Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Lorbert

    Paul Lorbert Cast

  8. Photo of Tania Daleyme

    Tania Daleyme Cast

  9. Photo of Djemil Anik

    Djemil Anik Cast

  10. Photo of Lucien Bataille

    Lucien Bataille Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Guichard

    Paul Guichard Cinematography

  12. Photo of Lucien Bellavoine

    Lucien Bellavoine Cinematography