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  1. Photo of Clarence Brown

    Clarence Brown Director and Producer

  2. Photo of James Forbes

    James Forbes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gene Markey

    Gene Markey Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alphonse Daudet

    Alphonse Daudet Novel

  5. Photo of Greta Garbo

    Greta Garbo Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Montgomery

    Robert Montgomery Cast

  7. Photo of Lewis Stone

    Lewis Stone Cast

  8. Photo of Marjorie Rambeau

    Marjorie Rambeau Cast

  9. Photo of Judith Vosselli

    Judith Vosselli Cast

  10. Photo of Beryl Mercer

    Beryl Mercer Cast

  11. Photo of John Miljan

    John Miljan Cast

  12. Photo of Edwin Maxwell

    Edwin Maxwell Cast

  13. Photo of Oscar Apfel

    Oscar Apfel Cast

  14. Photo of Joan Marsh

    Joan Marsh Cast

  15. Photo of Zelda Sears

    Zelda Sears Cast

  16. Photo of Karen Morley

    Karen Morley Cast

  17. Photo of Gwen Lee

    Gwen Lee Cast

  18. Photo of Paul McAllister

    Paul McAllister Cast

  19. Photo of Arthur Hoyt

    Arthur Hoyt Cast

  20. Photo of Richard Tucker

    Richard Tucker Cast

  21. Photo of Clara Blandick

    Clara Blandick Cast

  22. Photo of Sidney Bracey

    Sidney Bracey Cast

  23. Photo of George Irving

    George Irving Cast

  24. Photo of Fletcher Norton

    Fletcher Norton Cast

  25. Photo of Theodore von Eltz

    Theodore von Eltz Cast

  26. Photo of William H. Daniels

    William H. Daniels Cinematography

  27. Photo of William Axt

    William Axt Music

  28. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  29. Photo of Irving Thalberg

    Irving Thalberg Producer

  30. Photo of Conrad A. Nervig

    Conrad A. Nervig Editing

  31. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound

  32. Photo of Adrian

    Adrian Costume Design