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  1. Photo of Todd Haynes

    Todd Haynes Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Oren Moverman

    Oren Moverman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan Author, Music, and Self

  4. Photo of Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett Cast

  5. Photo of Ben Whishaw

    Ben Whishaw Cast

  6. Photo of Christian Bale

    Christian Bale Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Gere

    Richard Gere Cast

  8. Photo of Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger Cast

  9. Photo of Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Charlotte Gainsbourg Cast and Music

  10. Photo of Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore Cast

  11. Photo of Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams Cast

  12. Photo of Bruce Greenwood

    Bruce Greenwood Cast

  13. Photo of Kim Gordon

    Kim Gordon Cast and Music

  14. Photo of David Cross

    David Cross Cast

  15. Photo of Kristen Hager

    Kristen Hager Cast

  16. Photo of Don Francks

    Don Francks Cast

  17. Photo of Roc LaFortune

    Roc LaFortune Cast

  18. Photo of Larry Day

    Larry Day Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Cagelet

    Paul Cagelet Cast

  20. Photo of Richie Havens

    Richie Havens Cast and Music

  21. Photo of Tyrone Benskin

    Tyrone Benskin Cast

  22. Photo of Kim Roberts

    Kim Roberts Cast

  23. Photo of Angela Galuppo

    Angela Galuppo Cast

  24. Photo of Jane Wheeler

    Jane Wheeler Cast

  25. Photo of Peter Friedman

    Peter Friedman Cast

  26. Photo of David Gow

    David Gow Cast

  27. Photo of Fanny La Croix

    Fanny La Croix Cast

  28. Photo of Matthew Harbour

    Matthew Harbour Cast

  29. Photo of Kyle Switzer

    Kyle Switzer Cast

  30. Photo of Greg Kramer

    Greg Kramer Cast

  31. Photo of Gordon Masten

    Gordon Masten Cast

  32. Photo of Bill Croft

    Bill Croft Cast

  33. Photo of Pierre Leblanc

    Pierre Leblanc Cast

  34. Photo of Tim Post

    Tim Post Cast

  35. Photo of Richard Robitaille

    Richard Robitaille Cast

  36. Photo of Ivan Freud

    Ivan Freud Cast

  37. Photo of Holly Uloth O'Brien

    Holly Uloth O'Brien Cast

  38. Photo of Danny Blanco Hall

    Danny Blanco Hall Cast

  39. Photo of Susan Glover

    Susan Glover Cast

  40. Photo of Andrew Simms

    Andrew Simms Cast

  41. Photo of Lisa Bronwyn Moore

    Lisa Bronwyn Moore Cast

  42. Photo of Jessica Kardos

    Jessica Kardos Cast

  43. Photo of Garth Gilker

    Garth Gilker Cast

  44. Photo of John Koensgen

    John Koensgen Cast

  45. Photo of Mark Camacho

    Mark Camacho Cast

  46. Photo of Lorne Brass

    Lorne Brass Cast

  47. Photo of Andrew Shaver

    Andrew Shaver Cast

  48. Photo of Paul Van Dyck

    Paul Van Dyck Cast

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