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  1. Vahid Aliyev's rating of the film Ida

    It tells a lot about post-war Poland in not a political way, covers story of Ida. However, the film leaves something behind, even if it's only going back to sleep. Some reviews framed film as depoliticised, but for me the question of politics was put in different way. The emotions of subject - Ida, emotional structure of the film itself, translates political message. Very interesting film indeed.

  2. shahimsheikh's rating of the film Ida

    Photographic compositions that constantly frame the isolated hearts of the two main characters. In not naming the evils that both these individuals have been victim to, the potency of their omnipresence looms everywhere in the film. 'Ida' is not sentimental in the least or verbose at all. It is the glances and the silences where the aching heart of the aunt and the nascent soul of Ida herself reside.

  3. Chris Stott's rating of the film Ida

    Sublime is a much overused word in the world of art, but it fairly fits this beautiful work. Sparse and desolate, with minimal dialogue and a detached coldness that matches Ida's view of the world, Pawlikowski still manages to powerfully engage the viewer's emotions through visually stunning cinematography - each frame is a miniature masterpiece.

  4. Evren Erarslan's rating of the film Ida

    Din ve Polonya aynı filmde buluştuğunda soğukluk direkt olarak seyirciye geçmekte. Pawlikowski'nin her karesini özenle bezediği film ciddi bir şekilde Leh sinema tarihinde yerini alıyor. Sahnelerin tabloları olsa evinize hiç şüphe etmeden asabilirsiniz. O denli etkileyici açılar seçilmiş.

  5. mehoKnicks's rating of the film Ida

    c'est magnifique, l'image est somptueuse, les questions qui sont posées sont intelligentes, la fin est surprenante, la reconstitution de l'époque extrêmement bien faite, le cadrage original...une véritable oeuvre d'art au sens noble..du fond et de la forme.

  6. ronny's rating of the film Ida

    austere as it is sensual. fantastic, meaningful soundtrack. every frame a painting.

  7. SalmaanRafique's rating of the film Ida

    Beautifully shot, and well supported by acting. The narrative unfolded really well, and the film left a good impression.

  8. Matt Lockwood's rating of the film Ida

    My review is too long to post. Find it at:

  9. michael's rating of the film Ida

    simply can't think of a time when i've seen more attention to detail in front and behind the camera. the cinematography and production design work wonders at bringing us into the headspace of our protagonist. i remember a few years ago when i watched casey neistat's vlogs, he had a computer constantly playing the godfather, and as weird as this is about to sound, ida would be my godfather

  10. Alice Blackwood's rating of the film Ida

    With precise, delicately framed B&W shots and remarkable use of music to unite the sacred and the profane, Ida finds beauty in the darkest places. Despite the weighty history involved and the slow, focused camerawork, this film never feels overbearing. The dancing moment at the end was possibly one of the most beautiful and passionately shot scenes I've seen, it brought me to tears.

  11. hstx's rating of the film Ida

  12. Sharon Hinds's rating of the film Ida

    Is freedom of will, true freedom? Does free will provide you with happiness and can the simplicity and spirtuality pave the way to true happiness and freedom?

  13. Michael Epps's rating of the film Ida

    One of the most beautifully shot b&w films, I've ever seen. Absolutely breathtaking photography, and composition. The two lead actresses are superb, and give delicately layered performances. Pawel Pawlikowski is one of my new favs. Could watch this one over and over.

  14. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Ida

    This a masterpiece of minimalist filmmaking. Agata Trzebuchowska was not a professional actress but discovered for this film. She rivets you her deep brown eyes and winsome expression. As she experiences the world we lean in to her every decision and experience. The images are breathtaking and emotions rendered with delicacy. The ending and last dialogue are an unforgettable non-proselytizing statement on faith.

  15. kgraceed's rating of the film Ida

    Compelling, deeply sad, beautifully acted and filmed. The strength and resilience of Ida's spirit is oddly comforting.

  16. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film Ida

    love it_love Ida_beautiful perfect b&w_j kept wanting her to wake up and get much sadness and loss_and then there's god who didn't stop any of the evil_funny huh

  17. Harri Davies's rating of the film Ida

    Didn't know you could shot cigarette smoke in such a beautiful and sensual way before watching this.

  18. philippe.amand's rating of the film Ida

  19. Anyssa's rating of the film Ida

    Utterly gorgeous. Every frame is like a still photograph that happens to have someone moving in and out of it.

  20. Marco B.'s rating of the film Ida

  21. Lee Matthews's rating of the film Ida

    Pawlikowski (almost literally) tries to exhume Poland's bloodied c20th history in this exquisitely shot drama which tells the tale of a young nun and her coerced journey to discover the secrets of her ancestry. Perhaps you can see it all coming, but the film provides a fascinating evocation of a culture and a people coming to terms with itself.

  22. Miguel A. Reina's rating of the film Ida

    [Filmin] Beautiful. Hypnotic. A film with a classic cinema texture but modern camera framing. The use of non-music is absorbing. Paweł Pawlikowski found here his own language that later evolved into the also riveting "Cold war" (2018). Unforgettable images: the convent with "dreyerian" atmosphere, the sea of trees that embraces the decadent Jewish cemetery... Black & White. John Coltrane.

  23. nothing's rating of the film Ida

  24. harisg2's rating of the film Ida

    Don't get me wrong. The plot is interesting (4 stars) but IMO not up to par with the combination of B&W movie, moody jazz music and excellent photography (ingredients that combined together in any movie contribute to creation of feelings in the viewer)

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