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  1. Photo of Emmanuel Finkiel

    Emmanuel Finkiel Director, Screenplay, and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Muriel Coulin

    Muriel Coulin Cinematography

  3. Photo of Marie de Labarre

    Marie de Labarre Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jean-Jacques Mréjen

    Jean-Jacques Mréjen Cinematography

  5. Photo of Sébastien Saadoun

    Sébastien Saadoun Cinematography

  6. Photo of Paul Saadoun

    Paul Saadoun Producer

  7. Photo of Anne Weil

    Anne Weil Editing

  8. Photo of Olivier Dô Hûu

    Olivier Dô Hûu Sound

  9. Photo of Dana Farzanehpour

    Dana Farzanehpour Sound

  10. Photo of Dimitri Haulet

    Dimitri Haulet Sound

  11. Photo of Erwan Kerzanet

    Erwan Kerzanet Sound

  12. Photo of Kamal Ouazene

    Kamal Ouazene Sound

  13. Photo of Josefina Rodríguez

    Josefina Rodríguez Sound