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  1. NICOLE86's rating of the film Holiday

    I get what the director/screenwriter was trying to do but it was just poorly executed. The film didn't have any depth to it, at times when I thought there would be more character development, it just didn't happen. Also, the rape scene was really insulting, I am so tired of rape coming across as rough sex in films.

  2. Smell of Celluloid's rating of the film Holiday

    A masterful debut about an abusive relationship. If you live with wolves you will learn how to howl is the message I borrowed from this film!

  3. BobbyTee's rating of the film Holiday

    Victoria Carmen Sonne delivers a fearless performance. Huge fan of her! 3.5 stars

  4. vordven's rating of the film Holiday

  5. tamarabazarova's rating of the film Holiday

    Triggering, appealing, surprising. More violent than it appears at first glance. This film was a slap in the face.

  6. chanandre's rating of the film Holiday

    [MUBI] (Isabella: you dedicated this to your dad?!) Haneke+Von Trier are laughing their asses off. Bleak indeed. The scarf incident left more scars in me than the assault scene. Musse is beaten to a pulp then he offers them gifts, makes sense. Bo's face when Musse fist-bumps him despite his knuckles still being bruised from mauling his face in. Karsten's Andersson-like deadpan demeanor+sense of humor killed me dead.

  7. LaCeue's rating of the film Holiday

    Foudroyante manière de filmer des décors sublimes de perfection, qu'on croirait affichés sur l'Instagram de quelques privilégiés désireux de nous montrer la beauté qui les protège de la mort et de la dureté du monde. L'image du bateau est bien trouvée: contempler l'horizon, l'immensité libre, mais ne pouvoir s'échapper sans se noyer...Les miroirs sont le témoin des hommes et des femmes, que voient-ils? Pure et dur.

  8. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Holiday

    BETWEEN THOMAS and MICHAEL, would you share Sascha's choice ? Sexual, violent, vulgar, this film, which makes you think, offers a bitter & heart touching portrait of a woman ... === ENTRE THOMAS et MICHAEL, partageriez-vous le choix de Sascha? Sexuel, violent, vulgaire, ce film, qui fait réfléchir, propose un amer & poignant portrait de femme... 3,5/5

  9. ladyjules's rating of the film Holiday

    A raw depiction of an abusive relationship. Violence, its normalisation, and the ambiguous traumatic bond between abuser and abused are very well portrayed; perhaps to the point of leaving viewers uncertain about what they have just witnessed if they do not have a good understanding of the dynamics at play in abusive relationships.

  10. ADZERTY's rating of the film Holiday

    La bêtise et le manque d'éducation de ces nouveaux riches bandits sans scrupules m'ont paru plus convaincants que la noirceur un peu artificielle du dénouement. Mais c'est une oeuvre qui vaut le détour. La violence est froidement bien filmée.

  11. misu's rating of the film Holiday

  12. HKFanatic's rating of the film Holiday

    I remember this being marketed, similarly to "Revenge," as a modern take on the rape/revenge genre, but "Holiday" proves altogether more subversive. Isabelle Eklöf is clearly a student of Haneke's sterile despair—the wide angles, long takes, and documentary-like detachment. A portrait of a young woman locked in an abusive cycle that nevertheless holds her accountable for the evil inflicted upon those around her.

  13. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Holiday

    So cynical. She's being constantly abused, but the comfort doesn't make her try to leave (and her story is parallel to the other young guy in the "family"). The story with the Dutch guy is the strongest part of the movie for me, especially how it ends.

  14. Antares Rising's rating of the film Holiday

  15. Thomas's rating of the film Holiday

    A vicious and vulgar little film. It doesn't offer much apart from a great deal of contempt. None of the characters have any redeeming qualities, even though the girl does possess some genuine warmth it is still self-serving and manipulative. The 'family' live under a reign of terror, lorded over by an emotionally impotent monster. A tough watch, (even without the brutal rape scene).

  16. ninjavolador's rating of the film Holiday

    Por alguna extraña razón, el cine escandinavo puede perturbarme como ningún otro. "Holiday" (2018), de Isabella Eklöf, no es la excepción; una historia que contiene violencia contenida a lo largo del filme hasta que la pólvora regada termina por explotar al primer cerillazo.

  17. Pedro Paulo Capovilla's rating of the film Holiday

    Quando o filme terminou eu não sabia dizer se havia gostado ou não, mas com um tempo refletindo sobre ele, decidi: é um ótimo filme. Parece que não quer te levar a lugar nem um, mas tem um forte roteiro e gera muita reflexão sobre a condição feminina, relações de poder, o deslumbramento pelo luxo e luxúria. Em fim, excelente filme. E a direção é indiscutivelmente boa!

  18. Irma.morales's rating of the film Holiday

    Alienation analysis magnified. Exotic treatment achieved by Eklöf to unveil—by means of make us observe an insipid lifestyle—sad inabilities of an abuser/abused mutual construction to neither connect with oneself, nor with the rest of the world. When human condition is gone, humans are mere objects.

  19. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Holiday

    Prefiero pensar que conozco poco el "opresivo mundo femenino" y disfruto de algunos relatos más sólidos y no, que estoy viendo un "profundo universo psicológico de una joven imbécil...etc". Terminé intrigado por el "que tal si..." que nunca pasó...

  20. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Holiday

    Moments of greatness. Moments of sheer audacity. But a hard core porn rape scene is a bit of a low blow... so to speak... and really has no place in mainstream filmmaking.

  21. SPaid's rating of the film Holiday

    Eklöf looked at a book of Slim Aarons' photography and said, "I want that but for a whole movie and low-key scuzzier."

  22. Iulian's rating of the film Holiday

  23. Irem Abacı's rating of the film Holiday

    interesting, unexpected, including scenes hard to watch.

  24. Sarah's rating of the film Holiday

    It was visually appealing but it's difficult to watch a woman get debased for 90 minutes and the rape scene is especially unpleasant to watch. What is the point of this "film"?

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