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  1. Photo of Frédéric Sojcher

    Frédéric Sojcher Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Renaud Andris

    Renaud Andris Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lionel Samain

    Lionel Samain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Catherine Rihoit

    Catherine Rihoit Screenplay

  5. Photo of Maria de Medeiros

    Maria de Medeiros Cast

  6. Photo of Micheline Presle

    Micheline Presle Cast

  7. Photo of Wim Willaert

    Wim Willaert Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Meyer

    Hans Meyer Cast

  9. Photo of Theodoros Angelopoulos

    Theodoros Angelopoulos Cast

  10. Photo of Edouard Baer

    Edouard Baer Cast

  11. Photo of Nathalie Baye

    Nathalie Baye Cast

  12. Photo of Marisa Berenson

    Marisa Berenson Cast

  13. Photo of Dominique Besnehard

    Dominique Besnehard Cast

  14. Photo of Toni Cecchinato

    Toni Cecchinato Cast

  15. Photo of Patrick Chesnais

    Patrick Chesnais Cast

  16. Photo of Arielle Dombasle

    Arielle Dombasle Cast

  17. Photo of Manoel de Oliveira

    Manoel de Oliveira Cast

  18. Photo of Sara Forestier

    Sara Forestier Cast

  19. Photo of Emir Kusturica

    Emir Kusturica Cast

  20. Photo of Pierre Laroche

    Pierre Laroche Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Lonsdale

    Michael Lonsdale Cast

  22. Photo of Tonie Marshall

    Tonie Marshall Cast

  23. Photo of François Morel

    François Morel Cast

  24. Photo of Volker Schlöndorff

    Volker Schlöndorff Cast

  25. Photo of Bruno Solo

    Bruno Solo Cast

  26. Photo of Josiane Stoléru

    Josiane Stoléru Cast

  27. Photo of Frédéric Taddeï

    Frédéric Taddeï Cast

  28. Photo of Jacques Weber

    Jacques Weber Cast

  29. Photo of Wim Wenders

    Wim Wenders Cast

  30. Photo of Carlo Varini

    Carlo Varini Cinematography

  31. Photo of Vladimir Cosma

    Vladimir Cosma Music

  32. Photo of Christophe Mazodier

    Christophe Mazodier Producer

  33. Photo of Mario Mazzarotto

    Mario Mazzarotto Producer

  34. Photo of Jean-Jacques Neira

    Jean-Jacques Neira Producer

  35. Photo of Hubert Toint

    Hubert Toint Producer

  36. Photo of Christopher Granier-Deferre

    Christopher Granier-Deferre Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Ewin Ryckaert

    Ewin Ryckaert Editing

  38. Photo of Samuel Mittelman

    Samuel Mittelman Sound