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  1. Photo of Roger Blais

    Roger Blais Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Donald Brittain

    Donald Brittain Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Kane

    Michael Kane Narrator

  4. Photo of Monique Miller

    Monique Miller Narrator

  5. Photo of Edgar Anstey

    Edgar Anstey Self

  6. Photo of Olivier Barrot

    Olivier Barrot Self

  7. Photo of James Beveridge

    James Beveridge Self

  8. Photo of Ritchie Calder

    Ritchie Calder Self

  9. Photo of Alberto Cavalcanti

    Alberto Cavalcanti Self

  10. Photo of Bosley Crowther

    Bosley Crowther Self

  11. Photo of Arthur Elton

    Arthur Elton Self

  12. Photo of Ralph Foster

    Ralph Foster Self

  13. Photo of Indira Gandhi

    Indira Gandhi Self

  14. Photo of Lorne Greene

    Lorne Greene Self

  15. Photo of John Grierson

    John Grierson Self

  16. Photo of Bert Haanstra

    Bert Haanstra Self

  17. Photo of H. Forsyth Hardy

    H. Forsyth Hardy Self

  18. Photo of Stanley Hawes

    Stanley Hawes Self

  19. Photo of Laurence Henson

    Laurence Henson Self

  20. Photo of Joris Ivens

    Joris Ivens Self

  21. Photo of Irving Jacoby

    Irving Jacoby Self

  22. Photo of Pierre Juneau

    Pierre Juneau Self

  23. Photo of William Lyon Mackenzie King

    William Lyon Mackenzie King Self

  24. Photo of Henri Langlois

    Henri Langlois Self

  25. Photo of Philip Leacock

    Philip Leacock Self

  26. Photo of Stuart Legg

    Stuart Legg Self

  27. Photo of André Martin

    André Martin Self

  28. Photo of Joseph McCarthy

    Joseph McCarthy Self

  29. Photo of Norman McLaren

    Norman McLaren Self

  30. Photo of Ross McLean

    Ross McLean Self

  31. Photo of Sydney Newman

    Sydney Newman Self

  32. Photo of Philippe Pilard

    Philippe Pilard Self

  33. Photo of Roberto Rossellini

    Roberto Rossellini Self

  34. Photo of Paul Rotha

    Paul Rotha Self

  35. Photo of Georges Rouquier

    Georges Rouquier Self

  36. Photo of Stephen Tallents

    Stephen Tallents Self

  37. Photo of Marion Taylor

    Marion Taylor Self

  38. Photo of Harry Watt

    Harry Watt Self

  39. Photo of Basil Wright

    Basil Wright Self

  40. Photo of Eugene Boyko

    Eugene Boyko Cinematography

  41. Photo of Jacques Fogel

    Jacques Fogel Cinematography

  42. Photo of Lewis McLeod

    Lewis McLeod Cinematography

  43. Photo of Michel Thomas-d'Hoste

    Michel Thomas-d'Hoste Cinematography

  44. Photo of Magí Torruella

    Magí Torruella Cinematography

  45. Photo of David Bairstow

    David Bairstow Executive Producer

  46. Photo of Annick de Bellefeuille

    Annick de Bellefeuille Editing

  47. Photo of Les Halman

    Les Halman Editing

  48. Photo of John Kramer

    John Kramer Editing

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