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  1. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Great Directors

    Incredibly pretentious. They're less interested in talking about cinema and their craft than they are talking about social change, their failure to do anything about it and their contempt for mainstream cinema when Haynes' does his exaggerated and inaccurate impersonation of Spielberg. An misleadingly titled documentary; they're a bunch of kids playing at being revolutionaries. I liked Lynch, Linklater and Sayles.

  2. hugojude's rating of the film Great Directors

    This documentary serves as a refreshing look into the minds of storytellers. These are minds of brightness, art, and honesty.

  3. Charlotte Couch's rating of the film Great Directors

    I honestly really enjoyed watching this documentary on different directors. Of course there were some I had never heard of before, and I can now watch some great films by Todd Haynes and Agnes Varda, directors that I didn't know exist. Being a film major, I feel that its important to see everything possible, and this really opened up the realm for me.

  4. Myles's rating of the film Great Directors

    Disjointed clipshow. The director adds nothing. Better to cut her out and give more screen time to Agnes.

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film Great Directors

  6. Austin Hurt's rating of the film Great Directors

    From David Lynch to Richard Linklater, 10 great filmmakers have conversations about film in this amazing documentary. Great Directors beautifully pieces their interviews and films together. A documentary to watch if you are interested in film and even if not. The audience will be truly grateful for the director of this documentary. You will love this this documentary, whether you are a film fan or not.

  7. John's rating of the film Great Directors

    While a bit slow, Great directors did a good job looking into the minds of some world renown filmmakers. With David Lynch being on the bill, I was sold on the movie. Overall, this documentary was very informative and interesting in the sense that we see the minds behind the movies talking about themselves.

  8. reggie osborn's rating of the film Great Directors

    delicious tastes from a buffet table of special directors - much wisdom, insight, and yummy tidbits and anecdotes - laudable project very much in spite of doc director inserting herself too much(at all!)

  9. The Nude Eel's rating of the film Great Directors

    So superficial. And the director is pathetic, inserting herself into the proceedings. It has nothing to do with her. Additionally, I'm as much of a director-fawner as the next, but I find it particularly toxic to reinforce auteur theory, which is insanely bourgeois, ignoring other voices (especially working class laborers) that help shape a director's vision. #speciousmarxism

  10. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Great Directors

    (2.5 stars) Covers a lot of ground dealing with their various processes, philosophies and methods of approaching the art of cinema. There are some loose connections, but nothing that the director has tried too hard to link. She seems more concerned with being on camera with inane reaction shots. Very annoying. However, the content is pretty interesting, like DVD bonus features. I enjoy the insight provided.

  11. Miguel_GFloyd's rating of the film Great Directors

    Great Directors, gives viewers a glimpse of the views of directing through the eyes of real world directors. The film is insightful to a whole new realm of film appreciation that many, to this day, still miss out on. You will learn that there is more to see in a motion picture than what you may have originally been lead to believe

  12. tori reeves's rating of the film Great Directors

    Not the most entertaining documentary, but the editing and style was straight and to the point. The film did what it was trying to do-- inform you about Angela Ismailos' favorite directors.

  13. Gracie Thompson's rating of the film Great Directors

    Viewers might find the documentary to be a bit on the boring side. However, some interesting information is revealed regarding truly great directors.

  14. Richard Doyle's rating of the film Great Directors

    An okay documentary that interviews a bevy of talented directors and doesn't have a whole lot to say about them since so many of them are covered. No film can be bad that spends a good deal of time talking to David Lynch about his work, but so many of these directors are given too little time to say anything of serious interest about their work and career. Worth a look, but temper expectations appropriately.

  15. reijagrrl's rating of the film Great Directors

  16. James Mackin's rating of the film Great Directors

  17.'s rating of the film Great Directors

    Makes you wanna watch more and more movies

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Great Directors

    Disappointing and unfocused film that despite an interesting assortment of directors fails to make much of a point mostly due to the vanity of the director. Inserting herself throughout is misconceived at best and self indulgent at worse. Despite that there are some interesting moments though some of the participants are given little coverage.

  19. miles's rating of the film Great Directors

  20. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Great Directors

  21. mjgildea's rating of the film Great Directors

    Not the most exciting documentary, but for as brief as the interviews seemed Great Directors wasn't bad.

  22. Zachary Stahlman's rating of the film Great Directors

    Sayles, Frears, Haynes, and Linklater? This documentary sounds like a joke.

  23. Kasey's rating of the film Great Directors

    Mostly just watched it for Lynch and Varda but ended up finding more about interesting filmmakers! Very interesting and informative. The voice over seemed forced though.

  24. barebeauty's rating of the film Great Directors

    It's a pretty dry documentary-- it's always interesting seeing Lynch or Agnes talk, but for all these people she says are her inspirations-- this movie is completely uninspired and boring. Also this movie is completely self-indulgent to the point of disgust. She's in the documentary herself more than any of the other directors.

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