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  1. Yeferson_luk's rating of the film Good Manners

    nada más hermoso que conectar emocionalmente con una historia fantástica que siempre ha sido parte del cine de terror.

  2. Boris's rating of the film Good Manners

    Una fiaba al femminile a cavallo tra horror e fantasy ma coi piedi ben piantati per terra, ambientata in un Brasile dalle mille contraddizioni, in una San Paolo dove i quartieri avveniristici, ricchi e altolocati e i rioni poveri e claustrofobici sono divisi da un fiume. Intermezzi musicali spiazzanti e folgoranti, un flashback animato che lascia il segno e un finale che ammutolisce e colpisce al cuore.

  3. Pok's rating of the film Good Manners

    4.5 Desde que vi Trabalhar cansa tuve ganas de ver esta película. Al igual que en ella, los directores mezclan una atmósfera de horror con una alegoría social, aunque aquí agregan un toque de fantasía oscura e incluso de musical. En una sociedad dividida por géneros, clases sociales y colores de piel, debemos aceptar nuestra naturaleza (por difícil que sea) para hacer frente al mundo (aunque el futuro sea incierto).

  4. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Good Manners

    This is like a Grimm's type fairytale in a lot of the imagery. It goes beyond horror, blending elements of fantasy, magical realism, surrealism and myth, motifs of transformation, motherhood and class, with transgressive story details. Musical interludes practically conjure up a Disney movie (Coco?) The cast is amazing. Young Miguel Lobo (wolfboy) has a face made for movies. It's a crazy quilt that hits its mark.

  5. John's rating of the film Good Manners

    I'd forgotten that it was a "monster" movie so got quite intrigued when the weirdness started. Still, felt a bit too long. Could've taken 15 minutes out of the first hour and 15 from the last.

  6. Zania Morgan's rating of the film Good Manners

    My favorite scene is when Ana is explaining how she met Joel’s father and they use a different medium of hand drawn illustrations. I think more movies should try different styles because it’s different and really cool

  7. öz's rating of the film Good Manners

    Arkadaşını yedin telefsiz! Brezilyalı yönetmenlerin Michael Jackson'ın Thriller video klibine karşılık gelen sahneleriyle dolu bir film.

  8. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Good Manners

  9. Sharon Hinds's rating of the film Good Manners

    The 'creature', a term that is commonly used in films and literature to describe unknown or unexplained beings is introduced in what could be considered a non conventional way. Drawing on the myth of the werewolf and moon phases Good Manners is an interesting twist on the classic tale of this urban myth. It's great to see a fantasy, horror film directed and produced by a woman.

  10. mis marg's rating of the film Good Manners

    Thoroughly enjoyed the social twister of a tale, even with the unmanageable outspring focussed second half. Popular, handsome little boy with a twist. Momma kept her secret skillfully but the child thwarted her idea of moving to safety when he had accidentally ingested his friend. Friend is taken home on request at their own peril, kind of film. One imagines the werewolf bashers got into the little room in the end.

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Good Manners

    A different kind of werewolf tale that is a melting pot of genres. The first hour is a tender story of both class divide and lesbian attraction that only hints at the supernatural. After a grand guignol transistion the second half is a tale of motherhood, secrets and nocturnal howling. It doesn't always gel into a cohesive whole but its certainly worth experiencing.

  12. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Good Manners

    Apparently inspired by an urban legend, Dutra and Rojas have made something that feels very much steeped in the spirit of Brazil, yet also brings to the fore some themes and moments universally recognisable to all. There are times when this could all too easily be seen as something silly, or at least something tonally inconsistent, but Dutra and Rojas are savvy in keeping the focus on the leads.

  13. I.Camera's rating of the film Good Manners

    Werewolves lie a distant third behind zombies and vampires in the horror stakes, and Good Manners goes some way to enlivening this fairly dated genre, including a lesbian slant and a (slightly jarring) two-act structure. There are some clever ideas and a genuinely shocking mid-film scare, but other aspects of the film handled with kid gloves, esp. the issues of race and class underlying Ana and Clara's relationship.

  14. Sergio Arturo Pérez Rojas's rating of the film Good Manners

    Has a powerful first hour and regular second. All in all a good movie.

  15. gothrockchick's rating of the film Good Manners

    A film of two halves. The first is the prehistory and could have been shortened drastically. The second is a traditional werewolf tale complete with villagers carrying torches. The contrast between an erotically charged lesbian love story and something almost Hammer is strange, especially when you add in the musical interludes (no jazz hands, sadly). It's a curiosity and a must-see if you're a fan of werewolf films.

  16. Nakadai aka Jorge Rocha's rating of the film Good Manners

    Excelente película, inicia fuerte con actuaciones personajes y situación. Como se a descrito una película multigenero y con una metamorfosis de inicio a fin. Le sobran minutos pero siempre es entretenida.

  17. Rodrigo Ch Montaña's rating of the film Good Manners

    Cuestiona el origen y la originalidad asociada a narrativas que por el desarrollo hegemónico de la industria del cine, han sido ligadas a marcas como Disney. Aunque la obra descansa precisamente en el anterior modelo, aspectos entrecruzados como la fantasía, lo gore, el terror, la crítica social y hasta el musical sitúan esta obra desde su propia geografía latina, sin evocar lo falso o lo mal armado.

  18. jehki's rating of the film Good Manners

    Usually a film of this length is a mistake, but Good Manners keeps going throughout with weird and wonderful plot twists and even genre changes. If you want to enjoy this one, don't read any reviews. This is a film that is a joy to watch and listen to until the very end.

  19. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Good Manners

    A very positive 3 stars. The first half is wonderful; the second less so but overall it still manages to pull off a tricky amalgam of styles and genres with an understanding and tenderness for otherness that would get right up the nose, lycanthropic or otherwise, of the current 'government' in Brasil. Which can only be a very good thing.

  20. Andrew's rating of the film Good Manners

    A (beautiful) feint in the wrong direction and a slow second half build to an excellent denouement. Zuaa’s eyes are a pool of sadness in themselves, Amanda’s little boots stumbling backwards a striking image.

  21. Dawn's rating of the film Good Manners

    Excellent acting by all the performers. This is the type of film where the acting can become over-the-top, but the cast never went that way and it made the film great. The end dragged out a little, but overall a clever and well done horror film.

  22. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Good Manners

    RAWSMARY's BABY... From desire to tears. From MULHOLLAND DRIVE to WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Juliana & Marco make us experience all the emotions in this love story of 2 women, turning over the years into a desperate fight for existence. Fantastic ! === Du désir aux larmes. De LYNCH à LANDIS. Juliana & Marco font battre notre cœur pour l'amour de ces 2 femmes, devenant au fil des années un combat désespéré pour l'existence.

  23. yakov.skachkov's rating of the film Good Manners

    Одновременно лесбийский романс и готическая сказка про оборотней, которая исследует темы беременности и материнства, умело выворачивая их в неожиданно сюрреалистичном ключе (в духе Гильермо Дель Торро), отдающем дань классике и при этом обладая очень современным, деликатным, феминистичным шармом, но по большей части только в первой половине фильма.

  24. Stephen.mcdonnell1's rating of the film Good Manners

    Interesting but a rather grim tale.

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