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  1. Photo of Frank D. Gilroy

    Frank D. Gilroy Screenplay, Novel, and Director

  2. Photo of Charles Bronson

    Charles Bronson Cast

  3. Photo of Jill Ireland

    Jill Ireland Cast

  4. Photo of Douglas Fowley

    Douglas Fowley Cast

  5. Photo of Stan Haze

    Stan Haze Cast

  6. Photo of Damon Douglas

    Damon Douglas Cast

  7. Photo of Héctor Morales

    Héctor Morales Cast

  8. Photo of Bert Williams

    Bert Williams Cast

  9. Photo of Davis Roberts

    Davis Roberts Cast

  10. Photo of Betty Cole

    Betty Cole Cast

  11. Photo of William Lanteau

    William Lanteau Cast

  12. Photo of Anne Ramsey

    Anne Ramsey Cast

  13. Photo of Lucien Ballard

    Lucien Ballard Cinematography

  14. Photo of Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein Music

  15. Photo of Robert Clatworthy

    Robert Clatworthy Production Design

  16. Photo of M.J. Frankovich

    M.J. Frankovich Producer

  17. Photo of William Self

    William Self Producer

  18. Photo of Maury Winetrobe

    Maury Winetrobe Editing

  19. Photo of Al Overton

    Al Overton Sound

  20. Photo of Les Fresholtz

    Les Fresholtz Sound

  21. Photo of Arthur Piantadosi

    Arthur Piantadosi Sound

  22. Photo of Richard Tyler

    Richard Tyler Sound

  23. Photo of Moss Mabry

    Moss Mabry Costume Design

  24. Photo of George R. Nelson

    George R. Nelson Art Department

  25. Photo of Augie Lohman

    Augie Lohman Special Effects