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For the Plasma

United States, 2014
Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • English
  • English


Helen, a young forest lookout, invites Charlie to come live and work with her. But this is an odd job in an odd Maine village, for Helen soon explains she can predict financial movements by looking at footage of the forest.

Our take

Described as a “digital-pastoral,” and influenced by the disorientating cinema of Kiyoshi Kurosawa & Raúl Ruiz, this hermeneutical puzzle brings us back to basics: asking how we are to interpret (its) images. Endearingly ambitious, beguilingly stylized, a debut that plays with our every expectation.

For the Plasma Directed by Bingham Bryant, Kyle Molzan
It often evokes Rivette in its frisson between a hyperrealist surface tone and suggestions of far-reaching conspiracy. The 16mm cinematography and passages of narrative drift feel Rivettean too, as does the thematic focus on female friendship. Yet the film is clearly its own animal, trading in a deadpan performance style and elements of science fiction.
July 29, 2016
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Rarely does a film dig so deeply — and with such fresh, odd humor — into the simple act of seeing. The patterns are recorded, and they yield literal and figurative profit, but their meanings always slip. The film ends more or less where it begins, with few questions answered but the promise of more play. Always, more play.
July 29, 2016
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Elusive doesn’t begin to describe For the Plasma. Just when you think you grasp this feature debut by Kyle Molzan and Bingham Bryant, it mutates. Over the course of its ninety-odd minutes, For the Plasma comes across as sci-fi, horror, and an essay film. The shifts from one generic mode to the next are ever so subtle, and the cumulative effect all the more perplexing. For the Plasma is sweetly paranoid, cerebral and lush, cold and gentle.
July 22, 2016
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