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  1. Photo of Arthur Lubin

    Arthur Lubin Director

  2. Photo of Dorothy Davenport

    Dorothy Davenport Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lenore J. Coffee

    Lenore J. Coffee Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arthur Pierson

    Arthur Pierson Screenplay

  5. Photo of W. W. Jacobs

    W. W. Jacobs Screenplay

  6. Photo of Stewart Granger

    Stewart Granger Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Simmons

    Jean Simmons Cast

  8. Photo of Bill Travers

    Bill Travers Cast

  9. Photo of Belinda Lee

    Belinda Lee Cast

  10. Photo of Ronald Squire

    Ronald Squire Cast

  11. Photo of Finlay Currie

    Finlay Currie Cast

  12. Photo of William Hartnell

    William Hartnell Cast

  13. Photo of Frederick Leister

    Frederick Leister Cast

  14. Photo of Percy Marmont

    Percy Marmont Cast

  15. Photo of Marjorie Rhodes

    Marjorie Rhodes Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Bull

    Peter Bull Cast

  17. Photo of Barry Keegan

    Barry Keegan Cast

  18. Photo of Sheila Manahan

    Sheila Manahan Cast

  19. Photo of Norman Macowan

    Norman Macowan Cast

  20. Photo of Cameron Hall

    Cameron Hall Cast

  21. Photo of Christopher Challis

    Christopher Challis Cinematography

  22. Photo of Benjamin Frankel

    Benjamin Frankel Music

  23. Photo of Wilfred Shingleton

    Wilfred Shingleton Production Design

  24. Photo of M.J. Frankovich

    M.J. Frankovich Producer

  25. Photo of Maxwell Setton

    Maxwell Setton Producer

  26. Photo of Alan Osbiston

    Alan Osbiston Editing