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  1. Photo of Camila Kater

    Camila Kater Director, Animation, Production Design, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ana Julia Carvalheiro

    Ana Julia Carvalheiro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Helena Ignez

    Helena Ignez Voice

  4. Photo of Rachel Patricio

    Rachel Patricio Voice

  5. Photo of Larissa Rahal

    Larissa Rahal Voice

  6. Photo of Valquiria Rosa

    Valquiria Rosa Voice

  7. Photo of Raquel Virginia

    Raquel Virginia Voice

  8. Photo of Sofia Oriana Infante

    Sofia Oriana Infante Music

  9. Photo of Julia Teles

    Julia Teles Music

  10. Photo of Chelo Loureiro

    Chelo Loureiro Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Lívia Perez

    Lívia Perez Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Samuel Mariani

    Samuel Mariani Editing

  13. Photo of Giovana Affonso

    Giovana Affonso Animation

  14. Photo of Flavia Godoy

    Flavia Godoy Animation

  15. Photo of Leila Monsegur

    Leila Monsegur Animation

  16. Photo of Cassandra Reis

    Cassandra Reis Animation