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  1. bros23067's rating of the film Fight Club

    if you think this is overrated, go watch endgame and marvel shit because you suck

  2. thisismohitrao's rating of the film Fight Club

    Fight Club really might be the victim of its own hype. The film managed to perfectly capture how populist masculine resentment of the status quo can be corrupted by charismatic cults of personalities that manage to gain followers in every strata of society. Those with a 'burn it all down!' mentality today should see this movie as a cautionary tale, lest they too end up being brainwashed foot soldiers of some Tyler

  3. Lucas Lemos's rating of the film Fight Club

    O filme é bom, pena que tem gente que vira mgtow/incel por causa dele

  4. Jamie's rating of the film Fight Club

    I'm not going to talk about this.

  5. gwynn's rating of the film Fight Club

    Fun Facts you didn't know about fight club: 1.) This film was sponsored by Starbucks 2.) This was filmed before Bellatrix served Voldemort... 3.) For a movie called "fight club", I really thought this is all about fighting/boxing.. The storyline really blew my mind.

  6. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Fight Club

    Distractingly closeted, but a solid entertainment.

  7. Collin Hauke's rating of the film Fight Club

    Eine packende Kritik an Männlichkeitsidealen, Konsumideologien und den Versprechungen der Zivilisation und Moderne, die nie eingehalten wurden.

  8. Manohar's rating of the film Fight Club

    This Outing by David Fincher is one for the ages... The dirty secret revelation of Fight Club is its best comedies of the decade. This is one hell of a ride that takes you to places that will blow your mind, disturb you all along but none the less would linger in your mind even long after you've watched it.

  9. Esat Özpolat's rating of the film Fight Club

    unutup tekrar izlemek istediklerimden

  10. isa yılmaz's rating of the film Fight Club

    izlemeyeni dövüyorlar zaten

  11. Ömer Shn's rating of the film Fight Club

    this film is very nice but some mental problems in film anways no problem

  12. Dexplo's rating of the film Fight Club

    El club de la pelea presenta el vasto vacío de la existencia moderna, plagado de valores superficiales, consumismo desenfrenado, vacío de significado, sentimiento y vida misma, de una manera ingeniosa e irónicamente orientada al consumidor. El club de la pelea explora las soluciones para la verdadera existencia del sonambulismo que plaga la vida moderna.

  13. Ankit's rating of the film Fight Club

    Of course it is a movie about a depressed loner tied up as a corporate pawn, but who wants to be freed from the shackles of modern materialistic life - so much so that it fucks him up. Absolutely loved the narration based storytelling style - fast, crisp and sharp. The acting was fantastic and the pacing set the tone and kept the mood on right through the different acts. Such a thrill ride. Great fun!

  14. Vikas Kumar's rating of the film Fight Club

    Was among my favorites during young adult male years. It has touched various contemporary relevant dynamics like capitalism, consumerism, class-war etc. But I realized that before being anything else it's utterly misogynist movie. I've seen pornos where women get more respect and get less objectified than in this movie. What tantalizes young adults in the movie can be described as superficial rants and puppy fights.

  15. pranjal5794's rating of the film Fight Club

    It just shows you a mirror. that's why some hate it.

  16. suchita bhhatia's rating of the film Fight Club

    Fincher killed it with his treatment. Palanuik nailed it with his liners !!! "we are all part of the same compost heap"

  17. ricardoalbuquerque.n's rating of the film Fight Club

    brad pitt is so cool that he really had me going 'damn, i wish i was a schizo like edward norton in fight club (1999)'

  18. Daisy's rating of the film Fight Club

    Wonderful film that describes one of worst kind of desease of mind.

  19. danique's rating of the film Fight Club

    Wow. Mij de komende dagen niet bellen, ff dit laten bezinken. (Maar also Helena Carter <333 )

  20. Alyah Sallah's rating of the film Fight Club

    Just like Brad Pitt, this film did not age well. It is definitely entertaining but it's all bark no bite for me. Yes, great topics but where's the depth? Norton's performance is the highlight of this film. The core of this film is allegedly the deconstruction of the toxic male ego but somehow it ended up fetishizing the idea of Tyler and reinforcing the toxicity itself, without making any important statements

  21. Silvia Ambrósio Nogueira de Sá's rating of the film Fight Club

    Demais! Vale cada segundo! Consegue ser dinâmico e profundo trazendo grandes questões subjetivas e sociais.

  22. Yago Oliveira's rating of the film Fight Club

    Clube da Luta é uma jornada psicótica pelo existencialismo. A trama acompanha um mundo obcecado por bens materiais e pelas propagandas chamativas. Dessa forma, o filme consegue fincar sua crítica ao consumismo e ao sistema capitalista em geral. Ao mesmo tempo que faz críticas a alienação, quando mostra um personagem como Tyler, um homem que se apresenta como um libertador, enquanto aliena pessoas mais vulneráveis

  23. raultbduarte's rating of the film Fight Club

  24. odette's rating of the film Fight Club

    ik moet de film nog even laten bezinken hoor