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  1. Kenrick Block's rating of the film Fight Club

    This is one of those movies that impact you long after the credits roll. Anyone who doesn't sit down and watch this movie is missing out on something utterly unique and mind-opening.

  2. Crap Monster's rating of the film Fight Club

    While I prefer the novel, I did indeed like how well the film adapted the original and also ended in its own unique way...

  3. October's rating of the film Fight Club

    I adore Chuck Palahniuk, and love the fact that he's a fellow Portlander, but I have to say it was better than the book. This is not an easy thing to admit.

  4. Andre Rehal's rating of the film Fight Club

    It's strange when I saw it I had just turned 18, it was a punch in the gut, I'd never seen anything like it before, it was one of those movies that got me interested something other than action films.

  5. Roscoe's rating of the film Fight Club

    Just not terribly interesting. Well made, and well acted, even Brad Pitt rises to the occasion, such as it is. But there's a lot less here than meets the eye.

  6. Alanedit's rating of the film Fight Club

    It is that film. There's nothing like it, and I credit Fincher instead of the author. The film works best as an entity of the page, and it's cinematic world was created solely by it's director and creative team. What a virtuoso slice of moviemaking.

  7. Timothy Webby's rating of the film Fight Club

    David Fincher doesn't credit Chuck Palahniuk (is that how to spell that?) nearly enough as he should. this film has has become kind of modern classic based on what he wrote, while adding nothing to the ideas or plotline that Palahniuk doesn't. Read the book! it's sweet!

  8. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Fight Club

    Irony and wit loaded on a direct punch to your pitiful jack-brain. An indisputable member of the new classics. I deeply dislike digital effects, nevertheless the story is so attractively subversive that I yield to it.

  9. L.A.™'s rating of the film Fight Club

    The thinking man's action movie. Brad Pitt Ed Norton David Fincher. Nuff Said!

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