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  1. Photo of David Fincher

    David Fincher Director

  2. Photo of Chuck Palahniuk

    Chuck Palahniuk Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jim Uhls

    Jim Uhls Screenplay

  4. Photo of Edward Norton

    Edward Norton Cast

  5. Photo of Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt Cast

  6. Photo of Helena Bonham Carter

    Helena Bonham Carter Cast

  7. Photo of Meat Loaf

    Meat Loaf Cast

  8. Photo of Jared Leto

    Jared Leto Cast

  9. Photo of Zach Grenier

    Zach Grenier Cast

  10. Photo of Richmond Arquette

    Richmond Arquette Cast

  11. Photo of David Andrews

    David Andrews Cast

  12. Photo of George Maguire

    George Maguire Cast

  13. Photo of Ezra Buzzington

    Ezra Buzzington Cast

  14. Photo of Tim DeZarn

    Tim DeZarn Cast

  15. Photo of David Lee Smith

    David Lee Smith Cast

  16. Photo of Joel Bissonnette

    Joel Bissonnette Cast

  17. Photo of Holt McCallany

    Holt McCallany Cast

  18. Photo of Eion Bailey

    Eion Bailey Cast

  19. Photo of Evan Mirand

    Evan Mirand Cast

  20. Photo of Joon Kim

    Joon Kim Cast

  21. Photo of Matt Winston

    Matt Winston Cast

  22. Photo of Jeff Cronenweth

    Jeff Cronenweth Cinematography

  23. Photo of Dust Brothers

    Dust Brothers Music

  24. Photo of Alex McDowell

    Alex McDowell Production Design

  25. Photo of Ross Grayson Bell

    Ross Grayson Bell Producer

  26. Photo of Ceán Chaffin

    Ceán Chaffin Producer

  27. Photo of Art Linson

    Art Linson Producer

  28. Photo of Arnon Milchan

    Arnon Milchan Executive Producer

  29. Photo of James Haygood

    James Haygood Editing

  30. Photo of Richard Hymns

    Richard Hymns Sound