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  1. Ada Güney Ak's rating of the film Fargo

  2. Daffa Akhmad Fadhillah's rating of the film Fargo

    A three-way dark comedy/thriller about greediness that unravels some unfortunate events along the way. I just can't think clearly at the moment. To much "Ya".

  3.'s rating of the film Fargo

    Re-evaluated 09/20. What I love about Fargo is just how regular everyone seems, some obviously a little more simple than others, but all feel like they really could occupy this particular pocket of the world. And it's this normalcy that creates the fun juxtaposition between it and the kidnap, violence and murder that occurs within it. Narratively speaking, Fargo is unspectacular but when combined with it's humour...

  4. Lahiru Wanigatunge's rating of the film Fargo

    With time I appreciate Fargo more. As a teenager I saw its darkness and today I see its even darker sense humor. Although I initially dismissed MccDormand's performance as rather ordinary, today I love it because of it. Marge is not female police officer, she is a woman who happens to be a police officer. I love her authority and her warmth. It's a great film yeaaa! Yeaaaah? Oh Yeaaa!

  5. Brian Godsoe's rating of the film Fargo

    Coward Jerry Lundergaard sets a loudmouth hitman and essentially the devil on an unsuspecting Minnesota community. It takes a pregnant, always polite cop to solve the case and end and empty chaos. Jerry wanting to show his father in law he's not a loser(he is) loses everything as his plan falls apart while Norm and Margie end happy with Norm's duck getting on a 3 cent stamp. "There's more to life than a little money"

  6. erikdylansr's rating of the film Fargo

    The Coen's best film is both terrifying and hilarious and never plays a wrong note.

  7. anatolepub's rating of the film Fargo

    Thanks to their fantastic casting and their well-made characters, Cohen's brothers are signing with this portal of the American society a new masterpiece of laughter.

  8. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Fargo

    Ode to simple life & values, to the acomplishment of conscientious & organized work. Above, the woman, central beam of the family balance. The COEN, philosophers of life & death thru crime films == Ode à la vie & aux valeurs simples, à l'accomplissement du travail consciencieux & organisé. Au dessus, la femme, poutre maîtresse de l'équilibre familial. Les COEN, philosophes de la vie & de la mort au travers du polar.

  9. Camila Carreira's rating of the film Fargo

    não dá pra negar que o filme é incrível, mas acho que criei muitas expectativas durante os anos. sinto que já vi essa formula - obviamente porque muitos filmes depois copiaram e certamente fizeram com menos destreza. mas acabou não me comovendo tanto.

  10. Richster's rating of the film Fargo

    It's gritty and violent with just the right amount of dark comedy. I can't remember the last time I saw such a strong, independent woman especially on something like this. Pretty impressive for a future mother. Plus the film pretty much has it's own genre; aside from the violent nature and dark comedy, there's also a good amount of light comedy and heartwarming moments. This one's an easy 5-stars.

  11. beckjgillespie's rating of the film Fargo

    3.5 steve Buscemi doesn't look weird he is hadnsome

  12. ben's rating of the film Fargo

    ★★★★½ I think this film could very easily be bad, a few steps the wrong way and it's awful in how little anyone does and the fact no one seems to care, but what I'm guessing is the weirdness of the Coens that makes this film what it is.

  13. tamarabazarova's rating of the film Fargo

    Treacherous, kind, never as passive aggressive as its landscape or speech. An unpredictable love letter to the Midwest — one that is written after a long break up. Nothing is cynical but a lot is evil about the quirks and the crisps of rural pre-liberalism. I loved the television adaptation before I enjoyed this flick.

  14. Ting Pan's rating of the film Fargo

  15. Didonne's rating of the film Fargo

    Excellent ! Sanguinolent comme souvent chez les frères Cohen, mais vraiment excellent !

  16. Tarush's rating of the film Fargo

    God bless Frances McDormand!

  17. jeremias goth's rating of the film Fargo

    I think this film is hopelessly overrated, they've done better

  18. Nataliia's rating of the film Fargo

  19. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film Fargo

    This is where the Coen's writing and directing come together. They set the scene with this bleak town with nice people and throw in an incident which keeps escalating beyond the control of the one's who started it. It's a great look at people's morality in these situations, it's why they misdirect you with the true story tag line at the beginning to open up character analysis and theory of motivations in real life.

  20. Connor's rating of the film Fargo

    Biased writing here as a Minnesota native, but this dark comedy really does it for me.

  21. tazkiatia (wildflowrr)'s rating of the film Fargo

    Happy New Year! Spending my time welcoming 2020 for Coen's Brother and Chill. Not a disappointment. Chief Marge in here is a role model, her relationship between her marriage and her job is amazing. The complicated plot, magnificent shot and cinematography, unique dialogue, and Minnesota accent. We really enjoy the movie.

  22. Marco B.'s rating of the film Fargo

  23. Masoud Einabadi's rating of the film Fargo

  24. Denis Fetahovic's rating of the film Fargo

    You gotta love Coen's villains.

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